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Joanna Shares Her Fears About Her Uterine Fibroid Myomectomy Procedure (VIDEO)

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Joanna Shares Her Fears About Her Uterine Fibroid Myomectomy Procedure (VIDEO)
Joanna Shares Her Fears About Her Uterine Fibroid Myomectomy Procedure (VIDEO)
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Joanna expresses her fears leading up to her uterine fibroid myomectomy procedure.

My procedure is just a few days away, and in terms of fears, there’s a lot of them. I am trying not to think about them. I think it’s a little different having a child now. This is the first. I have had many surgeries, probably more than I care to admit at my age. But this is the first time where I have an almost 3-year-old daughter, and it’s a little different when you have to worry about the care of someone else and be in this situation.

How are they going to react with you not there? Is everything going to be okay? Is my husband going to figure out where the socks are? You know, all that stuff.

So I think it’s more about her, and, you know, I am a little freaked out too of course, and my mind goes all crazy. I would say it’s worse before the surgery than when you have the surgery because your mind throws a zillion different things at you, and that seems to be true with every surgery I have had. So I am figuring it’s probably going to be the same with this one, too.

To prepare for the time that I am going to be in the hospital and out of commission, or slightly out of commission, we are basically, I had a really busy weekend just trying to get everything ready, doing a lot of laundry. I rearranged the closets in my daughter’s room so that it’s really simple for my husband to find everything. So basically everything that she needs is going to be super simple. He knows most of the things already that she needs to do in the schedule, so it’s just things like that that I normally handle, and I know where things are, and I have my special place that I have changed things around.

So we have been dealing with that, just trying to stock up on food, you know, for what they need. I have been e-mailing people for as backups. If I need backups for anything, to drive me somewhere, to pick up my daughter, that type of thing, letting people know. I let people know on a need-to-know basis coming up to this. So if I thought that we might need their help, I try to let them know a little early, the reason being is I just didn’t want people to worry.

So I try to hold off and make it less painful I think for other people that, you know, I am worrying enough. I didn’t really want them to worry, too. So we just kind of have some backups for different plans. So that gives me a little peace of mind, and I think my husband, too.

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