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Joanna Shares How She Found Out She Was Pregnant (VIDEO)

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Joanna Shares How She Found Out She Was Pregnant (VIDEO)
Joanna Shares How She Found Out She Was Pregnant (VIDEO)
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Joanna recalls how she discovered she was pregnant.

I found out through a pregnancy test. I was actually so stressed out about how we would pay for a fertility specialist and get that covered. Then I realized, wait a second, and I took a pregnancy test, and it turns out that I was pregnant already, so I didn’t really have to worry about the tests anymore.

I found out that I had a high risk pregnancy through an ultrasound earlier on. I don’t remember how many months but it was pretty early on, but they just said, oh, well, what I had was placenta previa which apparently is pretty common, but a lot of times the placenta moves as someone is further along in their pregnancy. For me, the placenta did not move, so then it became that I was deemed a high-risk pregnancy.

I was not able to travel besides going to work and to the house, and I basically couldn’t do very much in terms of exercise. I was very limited for a pretty long time. Basically couldn’t do much of anything except for the basics, and the doctor said if an issue happens where there’s a rupture, then my life can be in danger as well as my child’s life. So that scared me pretty well, and so I just tried to do everything that I could to ensure the safety of both myself and my child.

So I had a scheduled C-section, and I knew that for a while, and I had many, many more ultrasounds to monitor my progress and see if there was anything that I should be concerned about.

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