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Joanna Shares If She Is On Guard For Cancer (VIDEO)

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Joanna Shares If She Is On Guard For Cancer  (VIDEO)
Joanna Shares If She Is On Guard For Cancer (VIDEO)
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Joanna explains if she checks for possible developing cancers because of her extensive family history.

Yes, I mean I’m, you know, always a little nervous about that and making, you know, sure I get checked and do all the precautionary measures. You know, I am lucky that with my family history it’s actually been later in life. It’s been post-menopausal, so that is a benefit.

I have also asked my aunt if we’ve had the BRCA test done, if she had it done because all my, I have a lot of cousins and we all want to know, and so she got the test done to see if she had the gene and she did not.

Actually, the geneticist said that because of the fact that she was post-menopausal and then also the fact of our ethnic background that we’re actually in a low percentage class for getting that, or she was, so.

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