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Uncircumcised Men and Their Partners

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It's not as if every single man in the world is circumcised. In the United States where the prevalence of circumcision is high, people are largely unaware that in most parts of the world fewer men and boys are circumcised than those that are.

Hotly debated with regard to overall health and wellbeing, transmission of AIDS/HIV, and sexual performance in general, there seem to be virulent, if sometimes understudied arguments on either side of the circumcision fence.

According to a new Danish study, orgasm difficulties are actually more likely for men who have been circumcised. In addition, the partners of circumcised men reported more frequent dissatisfaction in having their own sexual needs fulfilled by their partners.

This included orgasm difficulties as well as painful sexual intercourse. It should be noted that in Denmark only about 5 percent of men are circumcised.

Another ongoing hotbed of contention is the issue of PE, or premature ejaculation. Since this issue is largely underreported and undertreated, its association with circumcision remains to be explored in depth.

The aim of the Danish study was to find out if there was indeed a correlation between PE and circumcision. It was determined that no conclusive evidence could be found at this point and that further study is needed.

Another area of strong opinion but little hard scientific evidence is the issue of HIV transmission as it relates to circumcision. There have been numerous articles in American media about claims that circumcision prevents HIV transmission.

There are few mainstream media articles that have reported an opposing view.
While opinions are valued, there needs to be sensitivity to the cultural, socio-economic and religious practices associated with families making the decision either to circumcize or not circumcize their newborns.

Particularly in African regions, where the spread of HIV is rampant, the importance of addressing ethico-legal concerns that such assumptions may raise cannot be overestimated.

There is an understandable sense of urgency and haste to find a solution to the HIV pandemic and this haste may take the place of real scientific evidence of circumcision and its health benefits.

This may mean that ethical concerns are given less importance and focus. Such haste may also obscure the need to be attentive to local cultural sensitivities, which vary from one African region to another, in formulating policy concerning circumcision.

In the West, many people feel that the circumcised penis is more aesthetically pleasing, more attractive and "cleaner" looking. These views can tend toward discrimination against men and boys with uncircumcised penises and much of the attitudes presented toward the health issues facing uncircumcised men and boys may stem more from this bias than from any real evidence on the subject.

There are those who claim greater sexual satisfaction both visually and physically with circumcised penises but this is a subjective view and not to be confused with actual fact.

With proper hygiene practices, boys can learn to take care of themselves and avoid any troubles with their uncircumcised penises, so the worry over cleanliness and infection is greatly overexaggerated in many instances.


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Aimee Boyle is a regular contributor to EmpowHER

Reviewed February 2, 2012
by Michele Blacksberg RN
Edited by Jody Smith

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first I'm assuming you're reference to...if this is english "my point of view it is good be circumciseed be comtaminated to HIV Virus?" is refering to the WHO study. It's flawed beyond words. "Current evidence shows no role for circumcision in preventing HIV transmission in industrialized parts of the world [61,62] or in reducing the male-to-female transmission of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. [63] Actually, there are reports of increased risk of HIV transmission during circumcision in resource-poor countries.[64] However, randomized trials [6] have shown that circumcision carried out with appropriate surgical techniques and sterilization procedures may reduce the female-to-male transmission of HIV in Africa. The WHO strategic plan for sexual and reproductive health during 2010–15 includes ‘support to countries to monitor the quality and acceptability of male circumcision
services as they expand in the African Region and elsewhere’ as well as research ‘to assess the safety, effectiveness and acceptability of medical devices to facilitate expansion of male circumcision
services’. [65]"
Secondly "but i proud to say that Great Islam had already order to circumcise." You may want to read this: http://www.quranicpath.com/misconceptions/circumcision.html

Maybe you proud to say you learned something today, who knows?

February 9, 2012 - 7:45pm

OK, it is humanity and community to order people to circumcise masculine gender and to my point of view it is good be circumcised be contaminated to HIV Virus, but i proud to say that Great Islam had already order to circumcise.


February 5, 2012 - 10:55pm
EmpowHER Guest

John, I completely agree with you in every way which is why I didn't circumcise my two sons. It's amazing to me how much misinformation is spread about how "dirty" men and boys who have not been circumcised are or can be. Why would they be any dirtier? It's as if we're saying we should cut the earlobes off of infants at birth because they'll hear better if we do ( I always give this analogy when I talk about it ) and yes, I agree completely, the double standard is DISGUSTING feminist groups would be bashing in the doors of hospitals if this were happening to infant girls in the Western industrialized countries. Thanks so much for your comments.

February 4, 2012 - 2:26pm

For those who support male genital mutilation I would ask three questions.
First: Would we accept female genital mutilation if it could be shown to decrease the risk of HIV?
Second: Would we accept female genital mutilation if for some reason many people found it more aesthetically pleasing?
Third: Would it be acceptable to perform FGM on infants because we know that they would not remember the experience?
Circumcision is a barbaric practice which needs to be outlawed. It’s child abuse of the highest order and should be viewed as such.

February 3, 2012 - 11:10am
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