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What Is A Pelvic Fracture? - Dr. Mullis (VIDEO)

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What Is A Pelvic Fracture? - Dr. Mullis (VIDEO)
What Is A Pelvic Fracture? - Dr. Mullis (VIDEO)
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Dr. Mullis describes a pelvic fracture.

Dr. Mullis:
The pelvis is made up of all these bones, so the pubis, ischium and ilium on each side, and then the sacrum in the middle. So really a break in any one of those bones is a break or fracture of the pelvis.

And the pelvis is interesting in that it’s much like a pretzel. It’s very difficult to break the pelvis in one place, just as it would be hard for you to break a pretzel in one place. It will usually break somewhere else on the pretzel, and so when we talk about fractures of the pelvis, there’s usually more than one fracture involved.

About Dr. Mullis, M.D.:
Dr. Brian Mullis, M.D., is the Chief of Orthopaedic Trauma Service and Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedics in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine. He has a special clinical interest in orthopaedic trauma and post-traumatic complications with a focus on pelvis and acetabulum fractures, peri-articular fractures of both upper and lower extremity, bone healing, nonunions, malunions, deformity and post-traumatic infections.

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Pelvic Fracture

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