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Rotator Cuff Injuries, Which Are Most Common In Women? - Dr. Rockwood, Jr. (VIDEO)

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Dr. Rockwood, Jr. shares the most common rotator cuff injuries in women.

Dr. Rockwood, Jr.:
The most common cause I see is for women, middle-aged, who decided they want to get back in shape and they just go to the lab and they start pulling on these big, expensive pieces of equipment. And when they go through the fly maneuver, grabbing the weights out here and they are pulling in forward and back and doing this maneuver, every time they do that they are putting a lot of tension on the rotator cuff, which they haven’t done in years.

And most of the time I see people, women, coming in it’s they have had a strain of the shoulder. And almost invariably, I say, “Well, how did you do last month?” “Oh, I was doing fine.”

“Well, what happened to you when on vacation?” “Well, I was doing just fine.” “Well, what happened on vacation?” “Oh, let’s see, I think I was, I went to do some exercises.” And bingo, there it is. So ordinarily at that point all I tell them is either you strained it, just as if I told you to put on a new pair of shoes and walk down to the farm and walk back, you’d have painful feet. It’s the same thing in the shoulder.

About Dr. Rockwood, Jr., M.D.:
Charles A. Rockwood, Jr., M.D., continues to perform complex shoulder surgery in his private practice, and as a consultant, lends his expertise to other orthopaedic surgeons throughout the country. Dr. Rockwood has authored numerous journal articles and audiovisual presentations and has served as editor of several textbooks.

Visit Dr. Rockwood, Jr. at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Rotator Cuff Injury

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