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How to Fight Thinning Hair Without Thinning Wallet

By September 23, 2022 - 6:31am

Man or woman, nobody wants to worry about losing their hair. While there are some legitimate things that can help retain or even thicken hair, there are many others that are nothing more than simple scams designed to make profits for companies at the expense of hopeful customers. What’s even more unfortunate than thinning hair? Having your wallet going thin right along with it.

False Advertising

While only a handful of hair products may actually work, every product line on the market claims to be the best thing to ever emerge in the skin and haircare line. This makes it hard to tell the difference, of course, which is exactly what companies selling false products want. In case you bought a bad product in an online marketplace, contacting eBay customer service may be a good place to start in solving your issue.

So how can you tell if you’re dealing with a false product? Look for a few signs that almost always point the way to “too good to be true.” One sign is the “free” offer on television. If you have a great product, why are you giving it away for free? Or perhaps you can understand a free sample of a new product, but does it really cost $10 in shipping for a tiny tube of hair shampoo?

Another cue that something is amiss is advertising that talks to you like you’re a child. An infomercial telling you only half of the alphabet can call on a given day for the “free trial” doesn’t make any sense – especially if you see the commercial more than once.

Finally, and perhaps your best bet is the reviews online. If those who have tried the product before are complaining that it is not effective, it probably isn’t. Don’t get your hopes up when everyone is telling you just how unreliable it really is.

Deceptive Billing

If the worst happens and you find yourself taken in by an offer for a hair product that doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to start the cancellation process. Sadly it is almost always a process you’ll have to try if you hope to have success. Start by calling customer service. You probably won’t get through.
Keep trying until you get a person on the phone. Then sit through their spiel of more promises and keep insisting that you want to cancel your subscription or return your purchase. Check your credit card statement for other purchases that may have occurred without your permission. Most likely you’ll have to get tough on the phone and even then you may not find satisfaction.

Often the only way out of one of these messy deals is to call your credit card company or bank and stop the payments the company is trying to charge through your credit card. A huge hassle for an inferior product.

If you’re truly worried about thinning hair, don’t buy possibly junk online or off the television. Talk to your doctor or stylist – they may have a few things to say about it.

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