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I don't really know enough to start a group, but I was recently, last year, diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and would like to learn more about it and talk with others who also have the disease. It is incurable but treatable and affects the junction of the nerve in the voluntary muscle and the muscles become weaker with continued use. Rest does help some but the symptoms come back after awhile. It can affect the eyes and many times the first symptoms are drooping eyelids and difficulty swallowing. There is usually weight loss, because of the difficulty in swallowing and death is usually the result of weakend respiratory muscles and respiratory failure. Like I say, it is progressive, but the course can be slowed with medications such as anticholynesterase drugs...I think. I am taking Mestinon at the moment but I know some people take corticosteroids as well. I believe there are other treatments as well. If anyone can offer more information it would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone knows of any support groups it would be helpful. Thank you.


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