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Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted: Top 10 Myths About Laser hair removal

By June 25, 2019 - 2:20am

Laser hair removal has spilled over from Hollywood into mainstream and is no longer the privilege of a lucky few. The procedure has gained worldwide recognition because this is the one method that offers results closest to permanent hair removal. However, there are still a lot of fence sitters out there that need some clarification about how exactly laser hair removal works.

In this article we are going to bust of the 10 most popular myths about laser hair removal and that hopefully is going to clear some misconception.

1. Laser hair removal myth #1: The laser hair removal treatment sessions are spaced between every six and eight weeks.

Fact: In most of the cases, you need to perform at home sessions at least every 4 weeks. However, after a couple of laser hair removal sessions, you would not need to it so often and your treatment areas remain unwanted hair free for longer durations.

2. Laser hair removal myth #2: You are required to shave the treatment areas between treatment sessions.

Fact: If that had been the case, laser hair removal would not have become as popular as it is! Yes, it’s true that a single laser hair removal system is not going to be able to remove all your unwanted hair, but that is the whole point of multiple laser hair removal sessions – if you start shaving between sessions, your laser hair removal clinic is not going to be able to have a clear idea about your requirements and that could lead to unsatisfactory results. If at all you have to shave between laser hair removal sessions, it is advisable that you use an electric razor.

3. Laser hair removal myth #3: Laser hair removal works on long, grey and white hair follicles.

Fact: Your laser hair removal clinic has access to different kinds of laser hair removal machines and each one of them is used for a different task; since the success of laser hair removal depends on the pigmentation on the hair follicles (different types of laser beams get attracted to different colours), one pigmentation or the other is essential for laser hair removal to work properly. However, that does not mean that people with very white or blond hair should continue to live with their hairy problems – you just need to talk to your clinic and they would advise laser hair removal regimen based on your hair colour and skin colour. More on different types of laser hair removal machines.

4. Laser hair removal myth #4: You can easily change the colour of your hair follicle by applying expensive creams so the laser beams get easily attracted to them.

Fact: That is absolutely impossible! You cannot change the colour of your hair follicle by using creams. The question here is, do you need to do that? Of course, you don’t! The advanced laser hair removal machines (in combination with the expertise of your clinic) can help you with your problem irrespective of your skin and hair colour.

5.Laser hair removal myth #5: Only one laser hair removal treatment session is enough.

Fact: We only wish that were true. You need to understand that hair grows in different phases and the total number of laser hair removal sessions would depend completely on your hair quality, skin colour, hair colour and a lot of other factors, but one thing’s for sure – one laser hair removal session can never be enough!

6. Laser hair removal myth #6: Diode laser or IPL works fantastic on all skin types.

Fact: The recent advances in laser hair removal technology have made it possible for intense pulsated light or diode lasers go for treatment solutions to a wider spectrum of patients, but the truth is they work best on light skin types. More on IPL laser hair removal.

7. Laser hair removal myth #7: Laser hair removal is very painful.

Fact: A lot of research has gone into making laser hair removal treatment sessions less painful last couple of years and that has finally paid off. Laser hair removal sessions are no longer as painful as they used to be and the good news is laser hair removal is now approved by the US FDA.

However, it’s not like you’re not going to feel a thing – it’s less painful than snapping a rubber band on your skin. The amount of pain also depends on the treatment area (both in terms of the total area and the part of the body treated), but it’s definitely far less painful compared to continuous waxing and shaving.

8. Laser hair removal myth #8: You’ll have messy gel all over you.

Fact: a laser hair removal process does not require the use of gels – those things were used a couple of years back with IPL laser hair removal, but since that is considered less effective compared to advanced lasers, most clinics have stopped using it and hence you shouldn’t worry about looking like a piece of bread with peanut butter all over!

9. Laser hair removal myth #9: Laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction.

Fact: Bareskin company can confirm that Laser hair removal offers excellent results, but some people have reported of the need to repeat the laser hair removal treatment cycle because of hair regrowth. Depending on how old you are, your hair could start going back and under such circumstances you might need to restart the laser hair removal treatment cycle later in life.

10. Laser hair removal myth #10: All laser hair removal machines work in the same day and all lasers are the same.

Fact: Of course not. There are different varieties of laser hair removal machines available on the market and each of them offers multiple settings that aren’t used keeping in mind the comfort level of the laser hair removal treatment, the treatment area, the colour of the skin and also the colour of the hair.

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