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Keeping Your Home and Family Safe With a Motion Sensor Alarm

By September 21, 2019 - 3:11pm

A motion sensor alarm picks up any movement around a secured property. There are many different types but ultimately they all pick up echoes from moving objects which triggers an alarm system. They can be found on either commercial or residential property and are used as a security measure to safeguard individuals and or valuables.

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for high end security systems. Consumers are increasing buying high tech systems to act with regular alarm systems. The rise in crime and the increasing alarms regarding terrorist activities has all added to the need for this added security measure.

If you are interested in purchasing a motion sensor, you should first become accustomed to what is available on the market. The two major categories consist of active and passive alarms. Active alarms transmit sensors that pick up activity from any moving objects in the immediate area of the secured property. If movement is discovered and alarm is activated which may cause lights and sounds of go off. The passive systems do not transmit signals they instead monitor and pick up heat signals.

These special alarm systems are placed in strategic areas of a property. Some are equipped to be operated manually while others have automatic functions. It is important to understand the type of device you will need to secure your property.

The Portable Mini Alert Infrared Motion Detector Alarm is great for use in the home, office, hotel or any other room that requires high security. It uses a passive infrared system to protect potential intruders. They produce an infrared 80 degree angle of property coverage. It also creates an invisible barrier that are impenetrable. They are battery operated and do not require any special wiring.

They also come as travel alarms with special sensors. These types of alarms are lower in price while still providing effective security to deter an intruder. They can be manually activated by pulling an alarm cord located at the top of the unit. Or they can set off automatically when they detect motion up to 9 feet away. The will emits a loud sound of alarm for approximately 15 seconds, scaring off any assailant. They are equipped with an LED flashlight and are conveniently sized for concealment and travel.

A Wireless Motion sensor alarm is another option available on the market. They have special products that work with a push button doorbell. The alarms are equipped with infrared Wireless Motion Detectors that send out signals to the Wireless Receiver when they detect visitors or intruders. There are many more to choose from. It is important to do your research so that you get the best fit for your security needs.

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