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Here's Why I Take My Kids To A Dentist Often and You Should Too

By December 19, 2018 - 8:57pm

When it comes to my kid's oral health, consider me obsessed. While others consider going to the dentist optional, I have made it non-negotiable in our family calendar. While my kids are still young, I know their teeth are my responsibility. I know I can’t forgive myself if my boy develops halitosis and gets dump every time he gets a date.

When we moved to Ocala one of the first items on my list was to find a dentist for my kids. It took us time to find a dentist that we could trust. We don’t just want a dentist who cleans our teeth but a dentist who knows the history of every tooth of our kids. Someone who cares and gives value to each and every dental visit we have. Giving visits to various clinics I realized some of them are experienced but not much when it came to handling kids. Luckily a friend of mine referred a clinic she takes her son to and it ought to be a wise decision.

When my kids start to have their permanent teeth, it always worries me if every tooth would come out straight. For my firstborn, I started visiting our dentist when the first tooth appeared. The practice sticks on for all my other kids.
Maybe you ask why I fuss about going to the dentist. I thought of many reasons, but I will mention four of the main reasons why I bring my kids to the dentist regularly.

My kids are not afraid of dentists

Going to the dentist is a regular routine for our family, and it’s not something that scares my children. I bring my kids to their dentist every six months or when there’s a need to.

As mentioned, all my kids got their first visit to a dental clinic when they had their first tooth. They know their dentists since they were young and visiting them doesn’t mean any harm. They are not afraid of their dentists. In fact, they love them.
I always keep the dental records of my kids. Whenever we move to a new place, I see to it that I bring those records with me. It’s crucial that our new dentist know the dental history of my kids.

My kids know about the teeth and gum structure

With regular dentist visit, my kids are able to familiarize their teeth. They know their teeth from molars to incisors and why each tooth is important.

Our dentists also discuss with my kids the role of gums in oral health. They understand that unhealthy gums can affect the bone that surrounds and supports the teeth. And, even our saliva has a role in preventing tooth decay. It weakens the acids released by bacteria in our mouth.

Going to the dentist does not only educate my kids, but it also makes me knowledgeable too.

My kids understand the value of dental care

With early dental education, I don’t have to nag my kids to brush their teeth. At a young age, they already know the importance of brushing and flossing daily. They also keep track of their own dentist schedule, and they remind me when it's already coming. Going to the dentist have instilled in them the importance of keeping their teeth clean.

Early detection of dental issues

Even with regular brushing and flossing, we can still get cavities. The plaque could buildup and sometimes brushing is not enough. With regular dentist visits, plaque buildup is removed, thus preventing tooth cavities.

With a regular dentist’s visit, our kids are not afraid of that stage when they are about to have permanent teeth. Instead of crying on losing teeth, my kids get excited with the tooth fairy reward. Funny, but while they are smiling, I worry whether those permanent teeth would come out healthy and straight.

With our dentist around, I trust that every tooth of my kids is taken cared of. With dental expertise, our dentist is capable of detecting dental issues early and can find ways to prevent further damage.

My kids’ teeth are my responsibility

When it comes to my kids' dental health, I don’t take chances. While they are still young, they rely on us to take responsibility for their teeth. And, choosing a dentist in Ocala that we can trust and whom our kids are comfortable with is no more a challenge.

As much as possible, I tell our dentist to preserve the natural teeth of my kids. I would rather pay more to retain the original teeth than spend for the artificial ones. With regular dental checkups, the investment is high, but I believe it’s worth it.
When my kids smile with confidence, I know that all the dental visits have paid off. With healthy teeth, my kids can eat anything nutritious. They are able to chew and taste their food with their natural palate. I know I have done my part, and the returns would come naturally.

I know someday my kids will already grow and they get to have the means for their dental care. I’m confident they will keep the dental habit we started early in their life. I know they will pass it on to my grandchildren.

And, I only hope that in my kids’ heart they know that I am their real tooth fairy.

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