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Looking for a New Career Path? 7 Non Clinical Jobs in Healthcare to Explore

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By Anonymous November 1, 2019 - 10:05am

Do you enjoy watching the latest medical drama? Can you see yourself working in a healthcare setting?

Then consider starting a career in the medical field. Not sure if handling traumatic brain injuries or pregnant women is your cup of tea? 

Don't worry. There are non-clinical jobs in healthcare. 

To perform some of these positions, you may need more training or certification, but it'll be worth the effort.

The healthcare occupations industry will grow 14 percent over the next ten years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you enjoy helping people and don't want to draw blood or assisting in surgery, it's okay.

The right non-clinical medical jobs are waiting for you.

Are you interested in learning more about them? 

Continue reading.

What are Non-Clinical Jobs in Healthcare?

Non-clinical healthcare jobs enable employees to work in a medical setting without diagnosing or giving direct care and treatment to people, according to Very Well Health. The employee may assist or support the patient or not have any patient contact at all.

The opportunities for non-clinical healthcare jobs are vast. Some jobs let the employee work from home. 

1. Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist maintains records. To perform this job well, a person should be detail-oriented, organize documents, files, and reports. 

The medical transcriptionist listens to the audio of doctors notes and types them. The ability to listen while typing is beneficial. Understanding medical terminology is crucial for writing accurate doctor notes. 

The information typed may include information on treatments, side-effects, patient improvement, and more. So the accuracy of the notes is essential.

A medical transcriptionist can work at home and not worry about commuting as long as the work gets done. 

2. Healthcare Recruiter

A healthcare recruiter is someone who recruits staff for a healthcare company or organization. The organization may use medical assistants, nurses, phlebotomists, x-ray technicians, etc. 

The role of the healthcare recruiter is to ensure the hired staff meets the requirements for their position. 

Some companies may want a recruiter with a degree in Human Resources. But the experience varies for each medical setting. 

Healthcare recruiters multi-task, have communication skills and working in a fast-paced location.

Previous experience in a medical office is good too.

3. Healthcare Writer

A healthcare writer is someone who writes content revolving around the medical industry. Some writers compose blog posts, webpages, social media posts, email funnels, letters, eBooks, reports, technical manuals, etc.

The field can be broad, but many prefer to niche down and specialize in an area of expertise. If a writer has experience working with pregnant women, then high-risk pregnancy, adolescent mothers, or infertility issues, could become a niche. It depends on what the writer wants to focus on.

Some writers are freelancers while others work for healthcare companies or marketing agencies. 

To do the job well, a writer should have a strong command of English or their native language if living abroad. Sharp editing and proofreading skills help too. A degree in English, Communications, or Marketing is desirable but not always necessary.

4. Medical Records and Health Information Technician

The medical records and health information technician is the gatekeeper of patient documentation and information. The technician organizes and processes all patient files in the hospital, clinic, or doctors office.

Learning new technology for record-keeping is essential but will make your job flow smoother. With the expansion of medical facilities, this position will grow as the demand increases. 

5. Rehabilitation Counselor

A rehabilitation counselor helps people improve their independence. People with birth defects, accident injuries, sickness, and struggling with daily life meet with a rehabilitation counselor. 

Job tasks include assessment of vocational, medical, or psychological needs. The counselor could develop a treatment plan and consult other healthcare professionals. 

The top priority of a rehabilitation counselor is helping the patient live within society with strengthened skills.

6. Medical Billing and Coding

A medical coder translate received services into a language for healthcare providers, insurers, and more. It's an efficient way to document the patient's condition and treatment services for a specific visit. 

Medical terminology is essential to perform this job well. The code consists of numeric and alphanumeric codes for data entry.

A medical biller oversees the finances for patient visits. The biller makes sure the facility receives payment by preparing invoices. Claims get submitted to the insurance company or another payer. 

The biller redoes all rejected claims. Once payment is received the payer gets an invoice for a remaining balance if one exists.

Job candidates look more desirable if they complete medical billing and coding training and get certified. Obtaining certification requires passing an exam.

To learn more about medical billing and coding certification, check out the Ultimate Medical Academy website.

7. Medical Educator

A medical educator teaches patients or students about a variety of healthcare-related topics. The medical educator may work in a hospital, clinic, community centers, or schools, according to Hospital Careers. 

The title of this position varies by organization and job details. Some educators or wellness specialists who teach courses for CEU's within a healthcare organization. Many focus on keeping a healthy lifestyle and making necessary changes.

Regardless of the medical educator's setting the need for their expertise continues to grow.

Time for a New Start

If you're ready to search non-clinical jobs in healthcare, then prepare to find ample opportunities. With the healthcare industry expanding the need for qualified staff increases. Perhaps your personality and skills fit the bill. But you won't know until you try.

For more helpful information on healthcare please read our website.

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