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Does anyone know of a natural treatment/relief for degenerative disc disease?

By September 23, 2008 - 7:43pm
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Short of surgery, is there anything you can do for degenerative disc disease? Has anyone noticed improvement through stretching or exercise? Diet, any supplements? Surgery is an absolute last resort. Thanks.

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EmpowHER Guest

Yeah, Ayurveda is your answer!
This is a treatment for DDD(Degenerative Disc Disease), Slipped(Herniated) Disc, Bulging Discs , Ankylosing Spondylosis or any other Disc or cartilage related Issues. If you are below 60 there is a 95% chance that this treatment can permanently cure you.

You should have the following Ayurvedic Medicines.
1. Vatantak Tablet
2. Habb-E Irqunnisa Tablet
3. Vatantak Syrup
4. Shilajit Rasayan (Tablet, then it should be made powder)
5. Punarnavadi mandoor (Tablet, then it should be made powder)
6. Mahayograj Guggulu (Tablet, then it should be made powder)
7. Ekangveer Ras (Tablet, then it should be made powder)

How to take the medicine:
1. Vatantak tablet + Habb-E Irqunnisa, One tablet from both, with pure milk, twice a day, take thrice if damage is severe. (Should be taken Early Morning and Evening).
2. Vatantak Syrup, 25 ml with equal amount of water in the afternoon.( Anytime in the afternoon before 4 pm).
3. Mix Shilajeet Rasayan 1 tablet and Punarnavadi Mandoor 1 tablet, and add 15-20 ml honey, (45 minutes before breakfast and dinner). Note: Powder the tablets then mix honey.
4. Mix Mahayograj Guggulu 1 tablet and Ekangveer Ras 1 tablet and add 15-20 ml honey (1 hour after the meal). Note: Powder the tablets then mix honey.

You must have the following oils as well.
1. Mahamash Oil 200 ml
2. Mahavishgarbh Oil 100 ml
3. Chandanbalalakshadi Oil 50 ml
4. Rumagesic Oil 50 ml
5. Murivenna Oil 25 ml

How to use the Oils.
Mix all the oils and add 40 gm of camphor, The camphor won't dissolve, so you have to heat the oil and camphor together with hot water until they both get mixed well, don't apply direct heat to the Oils.
Now after they are properly mixed together, 40 ml of oil must be massaged on the back(Including your buttocks) three times a day for 45 minutes, (35 minutes whole back, 5-5 minutes on each buttock). Do not apply any pressure at the time of massage. Light but fast hands must be used for the massage.

This Ayurvedic process will start working within 2 days and you'll have a great amount of relief by day 4th. By day 20 your spine might heal permanently.
You can continue to do the same for upto 40 days or until after the symptoms have resolved permanently.
This option is really really cheap compared to surgery and has no risk at all. You can even search on google, these are all Ayurvedic medicines and they don't have any side effects.

Note: I did it on myself and healed permanently, so it's pretty safe but be sure to check with your physician as you may have diabetes or any other illness that may affect you.

You must avoid the following things for the treatment to work:
1. Curd, Butter Milk.
2. Anything Sour.
3. Beans, Cauliflower, Brocolli
4. Sugar
5. Bread or any Yeast Products
6. Rice
7. Things that cause gas(Vata in Ayurveda)

Your Diet should contain:
Whole Wheat Products, Carrot, Spinach, Black Gram, Potatoes, Cheese(Unprocessed Recommended).

October 24, 2016 - 10:13am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

Dear Anonymous,

I am facing slip disc problem
In above medicines I am able to buy all the medicine except Habb-e-irqunnisa. I enquired with Humdard, but they told it is stopped habb-e-irqunnisa production. Which alternative I can use for this? Habb-e-suranjan acts as aternative?

Can u pls reply ASAP


June 30, 2017 - 3:36am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

How do I find these things? I can't find them online at all, and we don't have ayurveda shops in Ireland

April 18, 2017 - 9:18am
EmpowHER Guest

I am a 45 y.o. woman with DDD who have suffered multiple herniated discs during a period of almost 6 months before I finally got my MRI scan, and urgently had my operation within a week after the results from the scan came to my doctor's knowledge. I have had 2 months of physiotherapy after the operation, and I continue my training to keep my back strong. Something I started doing after my operation was to take minerals and vitamins for the first time in my life. My doctor had prescribed medicine for my high blood pressure, and told me that I would have to get use to the idea of taking these meds for the remainder of my life. I did take the meds until the operation, but I searched the web for an explanation to my symptoms and high blood pressure. I found out that I probably had a magnesium deficiency. I tested magnesium while checking my blood pressure...and like a miracle my blood pressure came down to normal levels!!! Not only did the magnesium have a positive effect on my blood pressure, but it made the post operative pain go away!!! I started having cravings for milk while taking magnesium...so I searched the internet for information on why this could be a reaction...and I found out about the importance of taking magnesium, calcium and vitamin D together! The body would not build up the bones with only taking magnesium. And I also found out that during a period of time when I was going through a situation of stress and malnourishment, my body had lacked the minerals and vitamins we normally get through food and probably started to consume it's own reserves...consuming the calcium in the vertebrae itself to fill out the deficiency in other parts of the body. Well, I live in the northern parts where there is not much sunlight ( vitamin D comes from the sun), and I sit inside all day. It makes sense to take supplements! I never eat any fruit either, so I started to eat more fruit and take vitamin C supplements as well. I started feeling better and better. Now, 5 months have passed since the operation, and I feel like 20 again. I do get worried about some days when I get the tingling coming back
..and I get scared that the sciatic hell should start all over again ( especially as the doctor told me it could come back due to my DDD), but I then take am extra dois of my vitamin supplements and magnesium
..do some exercise...and it disappears!!! I am doooo happy to have discovered magnesium and vitamins...and I will make sure to stay fit now! Never, ever do I want to go through sciatic hell again!!! And all the medication, opiates and morphine I had to take to live with the pain....never again!!!! The doctors only work for the pharmaceutical industry... I wish someone would have told me what a deficiency of minerals and vitamins can do to your body. It is the lack of proper nutrition that is responsible for many conditions in the first place! Good luck to all of you, I hope you get better soon. I got my life back and I am sooo happy now!!!

August 5, 2016 - 3:55am
EmpowHER Guest

I recently discovered that I can use Yucca Stalk when my DDD pain flares. Interestingly, it also seems to help with the allergy (whatever it is) that causes my eye to water/get floaters. I use Nature's Way only because it's the highest dose I could find (1 g). I take two capsules at two meals each day. It stops the pain in a way other things simply have not been able to do for me. When there is a burning sensation in the middle of my spine for instance, I can stop it with just this for the entire day. And I sleep so much better with less pain. It seems the saponins in Yucca Stalk and the resveratrol in it as well are powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories for joints. (They bind inflammatory chemicals called cytokines in the blood.)
I've been researching DDD because I have two MTHFR gene mutations, which are causing serious inflammation in my body and the more rapid break down of my body than other people. My doc says my spine is more like someone 20 years older than I am. My heart’s not doing much better. And all of this accelerated when I entered peri-menopause. And my two mutations make this worse for me than those who have only one mutation. I had my first disc rupture at 20. I was 110 pounds of lean muscle and an athlete who took great care to minimize joint impact given my family’s experience with joint issues.
I decided that since the other issues I suffer with (fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity, severe sleep apnea and its related endothelial (vascular lining) dysfunction, very easy bruising/spider veins, migraines, brain fog/cognitive declines, etc) are related to inflammation issues and my inability to effectively methylate (read: activate or make bioavailable) folic acid, that perhaps DDD was also related to these two issues.
From what I've been able to derive from the research, it is indeed related to the body's inability to repair itself effectively---MTHFR gene mutations cause this among other things and the number of people with them is growing in leaps and bounds. The buildup of cytokines causes inflammation which is responsible in large part for causing the accelerated break down of the body. But apparently the inflammatory markers (cytokines) are bound by the saponins in Yucca stalk so that they cannot do their damage. All I know for sure is that it works like nothing else works. And even the radiculopathy (radiating/burning pain in my arm/hand due to another disc degenerating) stops when I use it.
I found Dr. Ben Lynch when I was researching MTHFR gene mutations and he suggested that since I have two mutations it was very important to control the inflammation before I start taking the already methylated (activated) form of folic acid and B12---called methyl-folate & methyl-cobalamin---or I could make matters worse instead of better.
So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to keep taking the Yucca Stalk since it seems to be dampening all of my inflammatory responses (muscle pain, joint pain, allergies, etc). I’m going to start drinking a 4 oz glass a day of George’s aloe Juice for my gut inflammation and after a few weeks I’m going to start very slowly introducing the methyl-folate at 400 mg a day and methyl cobalamin 5 mcg a day by taking it ever 3 days for a week, then every other day for a week and so on until I can tolerate it without causing any issues.
By doing this, I hope to quench the inflammation enough to stop the pain and further damage with the yucca/aloe juice and then begin the attempt to repair the cartilage with the methylated B vitamins (and glucosamine chondroitin w/MSM) along with pharm grade multi that has no folic acid. (Taking folic acid when you have one or two of these mutations is a very bad idea. Your body treats them like toxins and makes you sicker because it can’t convert it. I also avoid it in foods for the same reason.)
Anyway, it’s taken me a few years and a great deal of research to come to this. I’m not a doctor though so please consider that as well. Be well.

May 3, 2015 - 5:29pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

Well, that was some good information for me because I have an enormous amount of health issues too that I've been trying to get answers for also from some time and your research explained some obstacles that I have had with many supplements like folic acid for example that a holistic doctor told me to take but it made me feel bad like other supplements that are supposed to help my conditions. Your sharing has led me on another route to figure out if I have perhaps the same type of genetic disposition too because I know something is not right. Furthermore, we are on the internet(Thank God for it today) because Doctors aren't trained properly (as far as I'm concerned) and don't use natural alternatives at all unless you go to a holistic Doctor. Traditional Doctors are just drug pushers and if you don't want pharmaceuticals which are toxic and cause more problems then you are left to seek out help yourself which frankly is what we used to do long ago with herbs finding what is right for our individual needs. I just got off of the phone before I got on the www to file a complaint about my doctor who refused to do anything about my ailments other than give me five prescriptions for things like the degenerative neck condition that I found out I have by going to a holistic chiropractor who took an MRI and did extensive nerve tests. Now I'm searching for remedies and in doing so I bought a really good herb book that has combinations and explains what they're for and there is some herbs that build calcium and cartilage and joints and a whole lot of everything you couldn't image. I made me tearful to know that the hundreds of herbs were created for us to use from nature and we are ignoring it and so therefore suffering from our maladies! I treat my Mother holistically who has Alzheimer's and an other aging ailments and everything I do is good for her not bad like toxic medicine. So keep on fighting! Be well! And thanks a Million for your input!

June 17, 2016 - 3:49pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

My boyfriend has DDD & I am very proactively trying to figure out any holistic remedies to help alleviate his pain. His lower back pain disrupts his sleep almost every night & he is uncomfortable throughout the day because of it, more often than not. I am wondering if you continued use of the Yucca Stalk & then incorporated the Aloe Juice, B12, & Folic Acid. If so, I would love to know how they worked out for you. Please advise, thank you!

September 16, 2015 - 1:24pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

Honestly the yucca stalk seemed to increase my appetite so I had to back off of its use. Thankfully I researched the Resveratrol in that supplement and discovered it is an extremely effective phytochemical for DDD pain. In fact, they are now discovering that it likely works by interrupting the inflammatory chemicals that can cause all kinds of physical degeneration, not just DDD. The Aloe Juice has been very helpful and I started low and slow on the methylated folate and methylated cobalamin (not folic acid or cobalamin/B12---if you have trouble with multi's it's most likely that you have an MTHFR gene mutation and your body treats un-activated or unmethylated folic acid as a 'toxin' causing more inflammation; you MUST use methylfolate and methyl cobalamin to get around this problem because you have to have it for hundreds of repair jobs in the body).

Again, my inflammation is under control because I'm using Aloe Juice, methylated folate (methyl-folate) and methylated cobalamin (methyl-cobalamin) from Seeking Health along with 3 divided doses of resveratrol (LifeExtension brand) with 250 mg at each meal. My activity level has dramatically increased as all of my joint paint is gone and my appetite is more like it was in my youth...no carb cravings. My cardio blood tests are stellar as well, though that's not surprising given the oft reported cardio benefits of resveratrol. And oddly enough a recent serious issue with silicone allergies I developed was causing my skin to peel off my nose every day---that issue is now gone---and I don't mean gradually. (Btw, I use a silicone CPAP mask nightly.) Within days of starting the consistent 3 divided doses a day, it stopped peeling. If I miss a dose, the nose skin will chafe and redden. If I miss 2 in a day, chafes reddens and it peels on at least one side. If I miss all of them, the peeling begins anew on both sides and is severe again.

An aside, I also take 1 Vitamin D/K combo from LifeExtension each evening. I always have done this. Turns out that the D3 is necessary in combination to work with the resveratrol.

December 13, 2016 - 8:39am
EmpowHER Guest

my name is ikechukwu oparaugo, i am from nigeria it's just unfortunate we dont have good chiropractors here in my country but if theirs any one within the country or even around the west african countries i will be happy to to visit that person. i am really tuched by what people are saying about you it is mind blowing. i wil say keep it up and continue with work

June 23, 2013 - 10:44am

As a practicing clinician for 24 years as a PT and osteopath I can vouch for exercise therapy, Manipulative/mobilizations and movement type therapies. I have seen good results with aquatic therapy (particularly neuroinhibitory types such as Watsu etc) . One of the more current approaches for DDD invloves change of dietary lifestyle. No single supplement can cure or fix DDD but a commited program to reduce inflammation and acidity can go a long ways in helping the body change to a more favorable regenerative mode. I have seen impressive improvement in highly degenerative individuals after 6-8 months of following a low meat, gluten free, grain free, dairy free diet . Dr Robert Morse ND is an advocate of a fruitairan lifestyle . I have adopted his thinking with excellent results. The key is in moving the lymph , cleaning the colon (Often directly tied to joint health) and improving the four aspects of nutrition - Digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination. Ultimately a highly alkaline diet with at least 80% raw foods can go a long ways in helping reverse chronic inflamation and tisssue degradation .

June 10, 2013 - 1:24am
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