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What Is Knee Cartilage? - Dr. Hacker (VIDEO)

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Dr. Hacker introduces himself and describes knee cartilage.

Dr. Hacker:
Hi, I am Scott Hacker. I am an attending orthopedic surgeon at Alvarado Hospital and a member of the medical staff of the Olympic ski team.

So the cartilage in the knee is essentially the white gristly stuff that you see at the end of a chicken bone and it’s very specialized part of a bone that’s designed to rub against another bone with incredibly low friction properties. It’s almost like having a piece of ice rubbing against another piece of ice, and it glides very, very smoothly, and it’s designed to work for your entire life.

About Dr. Hacker, M.D., M.S.:
Dr. Hacker specializes in sports medicine, both on and off the field. Dr. Hacker completed extensive training in bioengineering at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and was given a Regent's Fellowship as well as a National Science Foundation Honorable Mention for his work. He completed a Master's Thesis in Engineering on the properties of meniscal tissue in addition to multiple projects including pioneering research in ACL healing and repair. He then served as director of the Coutts Institute in San Diego, a leading center for Orthopaedic research. Dr. Hacker completed an orthopedic research fellowship studying the ability to grow and transplant cartilage.

Visit Dr. Hacker at the Alvarado Orthopedic Medical Group