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When Women Feel Better, Everything Will Get Better

By Expert HERWriter
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when women feel better, everything will be better Taras Yakovyn/PhotoSpin

Do you want to be more successful and make more money? I know I do! But I also worry about doing good. I don’t want to get rich just for the sake of having money. I want to have money so I can help others.

I want to make my first 100 million dollars so I can start a foundation like Oprah or Sara Blakely. I already have it all mapped out in my head. The HER Foundation will give back to women to support their health and wellness. We’ll provide funding so we can get the clinical trials we women should have had all along. We will have health and greatness at any age and any stage of life!

Of course, so far that is just a pipe dream. I haven’t made my first 100 million or started the foundation. And I still worry about the doing well and doing good theory. I always thought I should do good – by which I mean helping others improve their health and wellness – and the doing well – as in making money – would just automatically happen.

Boy was I wrong! Just like when I thought if I built a website every woman would find it and use it and improve her health. I found out the hard way that it just doesn’t work that way. And that statement explains why my second book is going to be titled “Build It and They Won’t Come.”

I can honestly say that being in business and succeeding in business is hard work! I’ve lost track of how many people have told me I should just go ask Oprah to help me make EmpowHER the success it should be. That sounds nice, but I know I can’t count on Oprah or anyone else to do the work for me.

I think it all circles back to the status of women as business leaders around the world. Despite all the steps we’ve taken, women are still underpaid and under-represented in boardrooms and corner offices across the globe. We have to fix that.

But even more important to me is fixing the fact that 50 percent of our population doesn’t feel well. I’m talking about all the women of all ages who are running so many small businesses and taking care of families including aging parents, husbands and kids even though they don’t feel as well as they should.

I really believe that if we don’t fix this health problem we will not survive as a country. Women today can expect to live longer than their grandmothers. That’s a great opportunity but also a great health burden as more and more health concerns are catching up with us.

We can’t just keep going the way we have been and hope things will get better.

Don’t get me wrong. Women have made tremendous strides in business and every other area of life. My dear friend and mentor Sharon Lechter highlights some of the triumphs of women in her book ”Think and Grow Rich for Women.” She stresses many great points about where we have been as women as well as where we are going and how we can get there faster and better.

Women today are achieving things our grandmothers didn’t even dream about. We’re elevating ourselves to higher places in Fortune 500 companies and starting our own businesses while still getting dinner on the table every night.

But what is going to happen when the Sheryl Sandbergs of the world reach 40 or even 60? Will they be able to be as productive as they were at age 30? I don’t think so and it all boils down to hormones.

We know that as hormone levels decline, there are real changes in the way our brains function. That puts us at a significant disadvantage as we get older.

We women are overachievers so we try to compensate for our decreasing ability to be truly productive. But we are not going to be able to keep up when we have to try twice as hard as a man just to stay even. We can't work smarter if we have no brain function. And that’s what low hormones can do to us!

This hormone issue is huge! Too many doctors don’t want to prescribe hormones or even talk to their patients about the option of hormone replacement therapy or HRT. And too many women are missing out on the potential benefits of HRT because they are afraid.

Women are having joint pain, weight gain, memory loss, sleeplessness, depression and heart problems but they can’t get a straight answer as to why. Being told they are getting older and to “get used to it” is not an acceptable answer.

We deserve an accurate diagnosis and we deserve appropriate treatment, which sometimes means hormone replacement therapy.

This is a world-wide problem that needs to be addressed. Women are already enormously productive, even though most of us don’t feel well. Just think how productive we could be if we women felt great at every stage and every age! Imagine how strong our economy could be if women were working and buying up to our potential.

And imagine how much better we would feel if 100 percent of drugs and medical procedures were tested on women and customized for our unique body size and chemistry!

Christine Lagarde, managing director of International Monetary Fund said, “When women do better, economies do better." I believe a better statement is "When women feel better, everything will get better, including the economy!"

So of course I want to make 100 million dollars and start my foundation. But what I really want is to join my voice with all of you to help women everywhere achieve their own greatness starting with the most important thing – good health.


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EmpowHER Guest

Then, I guess it all comes down to a perfume. Because perfume helps women to get and feel better according to this study



August 5, 2014 - 5:04pm

Great article, Michelle; thank you! It is amazing how much we somehow manage to take on and keep running smoothly, while we put our pain/illness aside to support our family and loved ones. The stress alone can be debilitating, keeping up with everyone's schedules, work, finances, home, meals, shopping, etc. That on top of the physical challenges of aging, lack of sleep, and hormonal shifts, not to mention more acute and treatment-defined illnesses.

August 5, 2014 - 10:07am
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