I've been to multiple eye doctors. I get these random weird bumps almost like small pimple-like things on the eye lid in the same area of a tear duct. Like a few centimeters down from it, on the ...

Itchy eyes and bump on eyelid near tear duct?


i dont know but i feel real weird

kfir1288 commented on C. MARQUEZ's post hello is any one dealing with anxiety like me please respond


Yesterday it was so itchy i had to put hydrocortizone on it. It worked. Today, it's still itchy. I have a feeling they are ingrown hairs, because the little hairs are seen through the skin. But i ...

I shaved my pubic areas and now have red bumps


I went to my doctor when they once showed up but I don't know if I trust her answer. She told me that if I used bath & body works lotion that its known to change pigment. A few days before they ...

Dark pigment on Vulva, almost freckles.


Lately I have been experiencing pain for about 4 weeks, I have gone to the doctor and first there were signs of a UTI, so she gave me medication for 3 days. The next week it still wasn't gone, so ...

Continuous pain in back & after/during urination


I had just ended my period the day before I had sex with my boyfriend. (Thursday, december 2nd) He never comes inside of me but does like on the sheets or whatever. But we did a round two. But he ...

condom failed, took Next Choice then threw up