Dr. Schallock describes morning sickness and offers tips on coping with morning sickness.

Morning Sickness, What Is This? - Dr. Schallock (VIDEO)

Dr. Schallock introduces herself, describes Braxton Hicks contractions and explains how they differ from labor contractions.

Braxton Hicks Contractions, What Are These? - Dr. Schallock (VIDEO)

Dr. Schallock describes how the home pregnancy test works and discusses its accuracy. She also shares how soon a test can work after conception.

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Dr. Schallock shares how a woman can prepare for pregnancy.

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Dr. Schallock explains what makes Banner Desert Medical Center a great choice for women ready to give birth.

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Dr. Schallock shares what occurs when a woman in labor arrives at the hospital, and she explains what happens with the baby immediately after delivery.

When A Woman Is In Labor, What Happens Once She Arrives At The Hospital? - Dr. Schallock (VIDEO)

Dr. Schallock discusses a woman's birth control options after she has delivered her baby.

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Dr. Schallock discusses the food that pregnant women should avoid.

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Carrie discusses why she chose to deliver her babies at Banner Desert Medical Center and describes the preterm labor symptoms she experienced.

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Carrie explains if she thinks having children helped her become a better OB/GYN.

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