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What Natural Remedies Help The Uterine Muscles Relax? - Dr. Hudson (VIDEO)

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Dr. Hudson shares what will help the uterine muscles relax for women with endometriosis.

Dr. Hudson:
On normal menses the uterus does need to go through contraction a bit to expel blood, but in endometriosis there’s too much contractions going on, you might say, and there’s lots of inflammatory chemicals that produce the pain. So, in natural medicine we can use things as simple as calcium and magnesium to kind of try to optimize how that muscle contracts so it doesn’t over responds, it isn’t over stimulated.

An herb called cramp bark also is a great antispasmodic for the uterus and has been used for generations in that way. Natural progesterone, even the progesterone the body produces is a little bit of a sedative to the uterus as well. So we can give people natural progesterone and that has a sedating effect on the uterus and fish oils are high in the oil called EPA. So if you look on the back side of the bottle and it has EPA and DHA, you want one is higher in the EPA and that is the most anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, little fatty acid found in the fish oil. That’s not a quick acting antispasmodic but if you take it for weeks and months, but whereas the cramp bark is quick acting, niacin even. Niacin causes sort of a dilation of the arteries in the uterus and by virtue of that it get adequate blood supply and it relaxes a bit.

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