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Sharon Shares How She Discovered She Had A Pancreas Condition (VIDEO)

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Sharon introduces herself and recalls how she first discovered she had a problem with her pancreas.

Hello, my name is Sharon, and I’d like to share my story with you about my gall bladder and pancreatic issue and in hopes that maybe this would help you if you are looking for answers.

I had a really severe pain one night. I got up off of the couch, and it was on my right side and went all the away around to the back, my back side, and for about three to four days after that attack, if that’s what you’re going to call it, I am not sure what to call it, I was very sore. And in the meantime prior to this happening I had a CAT scan because I was having some other difficulties, and the doctor wanted me to have a CAT scan, and when I had the CAT scan it was discovered then I had some growths on my liver, and so the doctor wanted me to have an MRI.

So then I had an MRI, and the nodes or tumors, or whatever you want to call them, on the liver were fine. That was not abnormal, and a lot of people have these kind of pseudo-cysts or whatever they call it. It was discovered then I had one, two actually on my pancreas that had not been there before.

So then started the process and so the doctor said, I wasn’t having any symptoms at that time, everything was fine, and he said, “I want you to have another MRI in six months. We want to make sure that those cysts are okay. They don’t grow. Things change.”

And so I did. Six months, I had another MRI and at that point the doctor said, my primary care doctor said, “You know, I am not comfortable with this. I want you to go to a GI doctor.” He said, “I want the GI doctor to take a look at all this information and then make a diagnosis.” So in the process I went to see the GI doctor.

The GI doctor said, “Well, maybe we should do a gall bladder,” because gall bladder does run in my family. We have had a lot of surgeries of gall bladder. He said, “That may have been what your problem was when you had that pain. Let’s do it.” While in the process I had the test for the gall bladder, and it was found out that the gall bladder was not functioning the way it should.

So the doctor said, “Well, you have a choice of either having it out or taking a channel blocker.” Well, I took the channel blocker. I wasn’t going to take my gall bladder out. I didn’t even want to consider having any kind of surgery. So I had to have another MRI, and at that time there was an abnormality which was discovered with the duct, one of the digestive juices or digestive enzymes, and had to, had to have the gall bladder out. I ended up in the ER.

The symptoms I had for the gall bladder had changed, moved from the right side, moved to the center of my abdomen. So the gall bladder was removed, and I went home the next day, and ten days later or so I went to see the surgeon, and he said everything looks good. Five days after that I had the same pain, and I just kind of ignored it. I thought, well, I am still recovering from surgery.

Two weeks after that I was really hurting. I went back to the surgeon, and the surgeon said to me I have to have another CAT scan and see what’s going on. Well, the CAT scan did not show anything. The blood test did not show anything. So he said, “You need to go back to your GI doctor, and you need to have some other test taken.”

Okay, fine. I am being a good person about this right now. I am getting very tired of this nonsense and I am not feeling good. I am hurting. And I went to the GI doctor, and he said we may have a pancreatic issue here. Oh, really? Based on some information from an MRI that was taken, I didn’t know about.

So I went through, I had a endoscopic procedure and a colonoscopy, and in the endoscopic procedure it was discovered that I have a , a chronic chronic irritation in my stomach, and I had been feeling that all along. So another MRI was ordered, which I had last week and an MRCP, and again they did some blood work.

Typically with pancreas it will show, if your pancreas isn’t functioning it shows up in your blood work. If your liver isn’t functioning it shows up in your blood work. Nothing ever showed up in my blood work. So it’s been kind of a mystery.

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