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Gang Stalking: Psychological Targeting in a Group Setting

By HERWriter
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The average functioning individual does not have a lot to be logically paranoid about. Sure, there's the occasional whisper that you overhear and think is about yourself. There's also the fear that someone is following you. Then there is gang stalking.

This is the ultimate form of paranoia that turns out to be a well-founded suspicion and mistrust. Gang stalking is when a group of people decide to target an individual and attempt to control aspects of that individual’s life and monitor them 24/7. Generally, this is done without the person actually knowing about this organized stalking group, but if a person does find out, the results and helplessness can be devastating.

According to gangstalkingworld.com, “gang stalking is experienced as a covert psychological, emotional and physical attack, that is capable of immobilizing and destroying a target over time.”

Sound sick yet? It gets worse. Targets are chosen for many reasons, including dissenting opinions in politics and the workplace. The overall goal is to break the targets down, from making them just look crazy for suspecting gang stalking to isolating them to ruining their reputation and credibility to forcing them to commit suicide.

People might participate in gang stalking without knowing these horrible consequences. They might gang stalk to be accepted into a group or be forced into gang stalking.

The way the Web site, www.gangstalkingworld.com, talks about gang stalking, it seems to be more of a government issue, and organized by government bodies, in European countries like Germany and Russia. The closest thing to happen in the U.S., according to the Web site, would be certain scenarios and events like McCarthyism.

It’s hard to believe that gang stalking could ever be fully successful in turning all friends and family against an individual. However, if gang stalking were ever successful, it's a horrible way to break a person down.

There are books about gang stalking and related subjects. One, for example, is, “Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace,” by Noa Davenport, Ruth Schwartz and Gail Elliott.

The book Web site describes mobbing as:
1) “Emotional abuse in the workplace.”
2) "Ganging up" by co-workers, subordinates or superiors, to force someone out of the workplace through rumor, innuendo, intimidation, humiliation, discrediting, and isolation.”
3) “Malicious, nonsexual, nonracial, general harassment.”

Of course, there are harassment and bullying laws, but the covert sense of gang stalking and mobbing would make it harder for an individual to prove they are being bullied or harassed. It would probably be hard to find solid evidence, unless the individual carried around a recorder secretly or had video cameras implanted in places where he or she commonly frequents.

Gangstalkingworld.com, noted that members of the gangs or groups tend to use certain signals, like hand signals, so that could possibly be tracked.

However, it seems mobbing is slightly different than gang stalking, since gang stalking happens out in the community and not just in the workplace. It’s probably up for debate as to the specific definition, including which acts and environments are considered in gang stalking.

Another book, called “Bridging the Gap,” by GmB Bailey, talks about gang stalking that is used to “destroy and discredit those declared enemy by the state.”

There also seem to be many blogs on gang stalking, especially victims of this psychological crime, and a few are listed under my sources. This suggests that maybe it is more of a problem than it appears.

Overall, gang stalking is a very complex concept, and there seems to be a need for more research on the topic. Perhaps most people have no idea that gang stalking exists, and most people aren’t affected by it.

Just knowing about gang stalking might make people more aware of circumstances where it might be happening. Also, it could explain some weird occurrences. However, I would suggest not blaming everything on possible gang stalking or workplace mobbing. Usually unpleasant situations have a more reasonable explanation, since it doesn’t seem like gang stalking happens everywhere (it is a complex effort). Workplace mobbing seems to be more logical, and people might do it unknowingly.

There are other related topics and concepts, like workplace mobbing, buzzsaw and gaslighting, that also deal with psychological control and goals of ruining an individual. In my next article, I will be focusing more on gaslighting.


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EmpowHER Guest

I would quietly tend to mostly agree with that "right wing,Christian, conservative republicans" accusation- however I have the wisdom to realize just because that's what their beady little eyed, rat faces look like to me, it is only my perception and likely not a factual reality. Many TI's who have strong Christian faith insist the perps are Satanists, Jewish TI's call theirs Nazis, some call theirs criminals, others guilty of petty crimes insist theirs are the law. Are we all so contradictingly wrong?
Not likely, between demographics, the difference of who the powers that secretly be are in each community, and yes, our own fears, subconscious guilt, prejudice and bias, we all see this program's villains the way we do and there are certainly as many truths inherent to our perceptions as well as fallacies.
I would observe in the end it will be counterproductive for us as a movement with our own best interests at heart to so generalize that which we seek to be bared to the naked light of justice someday.
For the villain you so describe wears a label which in one way or another touches upon probably 75% of the US population. Me thinks putting that many of them on the defensive while simultaneously asking for their sympathy makes the race a no win before we're out the gate.
Just my opinion, of course.

John in San Diego (batvette)

March 30, 2010 - 1:38pm
EmpowHER Guest

Its sounds crazy but this stuff is real. If they cant kill you then they will collectively work to marginalize you to a point in your community that you may as well be dead. Its unfortunate and a lot of so called good people are involved in this activity from teachers, ministers, doctors, government officials and law enforcement itself. The US has become so sick since 911 most of these people participating in organized stalking have been tricked into believing they are doing the right thing. Even if you present evidence to the contrary they have been so mislead by the organizers they will dismiss any evidence as a ruse by the victim to get them off their back. Its mostly right wing, Christian, conservative republicans involved in gangstalking because they think they have a message from god and if you don't conform to their beliefs that you should be destroyed on every level. You will lose your job, friends, credibility, on and on and they will use any means necessary to ruin a target, this includes the news media. This is coming from a guy who has lived with 24/7 surveillance and harassment on every level for years. But there is still hope! The one thing they cant take from you is your soul they dont control that, only God does and ultimately they will answer to God for their crimes...Peace...And god bless all the TI's out there...

March 29, 2010 - 2:52pm
EmpowHER Guest

Anyone who wants to understand gang stalking and electronic harassment needs to read the link below. It's long but well worth the read.

March 28, 2010 - 8:47am
EmpowHER Guest

Jane Clift Case. She won her case using The Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act. You can read about it here.

I believe targets in various countries could use this as a starting point for their cases.

March 28, 2010 - 5:42am
EmpowHER Guest

@ Anonymous [quote]I think you're overemphasizing your belief in this "violent persons' registry" thing. Is that an official criminal probationer's watch list in the UK? If so then anyone on it should have a criminal record to go with it.
Or is it a list you think exists under the radar and you're speculating about who's on it and how it circulates?[/quote]

This is where you are wrong, it should be for criminals, but if you have seen the comments, I suggested that you review the story of Jane Clift. She had no criminal record. She was a contributing member of society who tried to report an harassment incident, she then ended up on this list, the "weirdness" got so bad, she had to move. People scurrying about and collaborating as she put it, everywhere she went.

These lists don't exist under the radar. Please read about her case.




[quote]Ms Clift said she was horrified at being entered on the register and, eight months later, left Slough, where she had lived for 10 years, as it was impossible to function normally.

She sensed that, everywhere she went, there was “whispering, collaboration, people scurrying about”.

“Everywhere I went – hospitals, GPs, libraries – anywhere at all, even if I phoned the fire service, as soon as my name went on to that system, it flagged up ‘violent person marker, only to be seen in twos, medium risk’.”

She felt she could not pursue her application to be a foster parent.

Telling the jury that what had happened to her could happen to anyone, she said: “I’m nothing special, no qualifications, don’t have a fancy job, but I don’t go getting into trouble. It cuts across class, race, everything.

“These people have this ability to do this and they can abuse it. Not many people know, I didn’t even know, that such a register existed.

“Please put yourself in my position and consider what I feel to be the calibre of public employees who, at the end of the day, are paid for out of council tax.

“What right do they have to do this to members of the public? What possible right? Consider it can happen to anybody. It’s happening right now and shouldn’t be allowed to happen.”[/quote]

Jane was not a criminal, and had no violent history, but she was placed on such a list.

The listing is also true for Canada and America, it is not called the same thing, but the concept is the same. Under Occupational Health and Safety.

The Canadian Center of Occupational Health and Safety

[quote]Workers have the ’ right to know ‘ all risks and safe work procedures associated with the job. This may involve identifying individuals with a history of unpredictable or violent behavior.[/quote]

[quote]The identity of the person and the nature of the risk must be given to staff likely to come into contact with that person. While workers have the right to know the risks, it is important to remember that this information cannot be indiscriminately distributed.[/quote]

The above is the exact same concept that happened to Jane Clift. If she could get on a list for such flimsy reasons, imagine how it's being used for others? Especially if an employer, or other has a problem with someone?

So please understand that many people might have such designations without being mental. I am sure these lists do flag some people that might need to be flagged, but what I have seen over the last four years are things like, one woman had a dispute with a firefighter, suddenly her Gang Stalking started, another with an officer, etc. In the community this is being used in a questionable manner. I am seeing housewives with children, single mom's who have no idea why they are being terrorised. People that do not have criminal records, but what the community understands about such lists are highly questionable.

What I do know is that once flagged, people will see what they want to see, if flagged as crazy they will see crazy, if flagged as terrorist, they will see terrorist, if flagged as a pervert, people will see the same. Within this structure is a deliberate system of harassment by the community, set up's, fake incidents, the target is not aware of the evidence used against them. Eg. Once I became aware of the set up's, I used to report back incidents that I was aware of to family or friends, or just online, these are the ones that I was aware of. The sad part is in most cases, they had simply assumed that the incidents being attributed to me, were in fact me, and had never stopped to question if it could be someone else at the scene, or a set up. Since I have started this, I have been able to at least within those circles stop some of the deliberate disinformation and set up's about me, but those are incidents that I am aware of.

This process that is happening, has ever limited oversight, the word of these people are taken for granted, and incidents are being created. Targets need notification that they are on lists, because they will be treated as criminals, or worst. An annual review process is needed, and targets need to see the evidence against them. That is the only way to stop this evil that is happening. I understand communities want to be kept safe, but in doing so, they have become the monsters that thy seek to protect themselves from.

Targets need to have a streamlined process that allows them to clear their names, and specific time frames, because this seems that it can go on for decade. I still have a hard time believing that in a democratic country, my name could be placed on a list, flagging me as crazy, or other, without any input from me, without me ever seeing any evidence. But this has happened before, in doing the research, I see that his happens all the time.


The university administration then hired a licensed psychologist who, the faculty member was told, would conduct counseling and conflict resolution for her deeply divided department, but who instead wrote a report for the administration indicating that the faculty member was destructive and in need of discipline and professional help. The administration disseminated the psychologist's report to over 20 people on the campus.

In this case, the psychologist made an unsubstantiated assessment of the faculty member based solely on what the faculty member's "enemies" had said about her. The psychologist made no effort to verify any of the rumors she had heard and instead wrote them as fact in her reports and made recommendations based on them. As part of the counseling and conflict resolution process, the psychologist also carried on e-mail communication with the faculty member but forwarded this communication to the university's administration without the faculty member's knowledge or permission. The psychologist never told the faculty member that there would be any limits to confidentiality nor did she tell her what process she would be following or that she would be writing reports to the administration. Obviously, if there had been any legitimacy to the psychologist's conclusions and report, the matter would have been handled privately and compassionately by the university's human resources staff.

After complaining about the psychologist, the faculty member was horrified to discover one day that someone was following her car and later saw correspondence between the administration and the psychologist's lawyer-husband suggesting that private investigators be used to seek a way to fire her. Indeed, notes associated with a meeting among university administrators and its chief counsel show that a detailed plan for her termination seemed to be in place.[/quote]

There are some very interesting things being done, but very little oversight. Oversight is needed. Specific guidelines. No target should be on a list without being notified. I understand sometimes to investigate a complaint secrecy is needed, but this is set up after set up. False claims, and so many other wrong things are happening.

The community is doing this to people suspected of being mentally ill, accused of selling drugs, prostitution, terrorism, pedophiles, etc. I get that no one wants monsters amongst them, but they have become the monsters that they are trying to save themselves from. Destroying innocent people. Remember I have spent the last four years getting emailed by such people.

This process needs oversight, the complaint of these targets need to be taken seriously. This has not happened, due to the countless disinformation agents online, who for years have had the sole job, and purpose of leading targets astray. Now who do you think hired some of these disinfo agents? Who put them up to it? That's right, just let the pieces fall into place.

It's disgusting what's happening, and laws must be implemented to stop this from happening to others, without fair, balanced and due process.

March 26, 2010 - 11:52pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

Not to get into a pissing contest, but you did say I was wrong so I'll argue the point. I don't think this Violent Persons Registry, as described in detail here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violent_and_Sex_Offender_Register has anything to do with organized/gang stalking and neither does the Clift case for that matter. It's an above the board, publicly viewable offender's registry that seems to have a bit of unfairness about it due to the fact you may get on it without being convicted of anything- but as we see with the Clift case there are legal avenues to pursue on that and it's a flaw in the registry scheme that seems limited to the UK.
I don't think you'd get too far trying to abolish sex offender lists nor would we want to even be associated with such an effort. I don't understand how you've come to connect the Clift case with OS.
The last four paragraphs of your post are inherently truthful, but the "list" you imply might exist isn't a list one can find described on wikipedia, or file a lawsuit to be removed from- so it doesn't exist. Saying it does gives them an opportunity of denial, like "list, what list? there's no such thing, he's crazy, take him away!"
We do need to find out how they are networked and organized and how their leadership structure works. Again like there being no list we aren't going to find all that written down anywhere.
batvette (John in San Diego)

March 28, 2010 - 5:37pm
EmpowHER Guest

@Eleanor [quote]What we need are ideas as to who maintains such lists, how someone is put on such a list, and how someone can appeal the decision to put them on a list of violent people.[/quote]

-These lists are suppose to be reviewed. What is happening is that from the time the target get's put on this list, the community use the opportunity to ensure they are never taken off the list, and that consistent marks are added to their names. Eg. Using electronic means to monitor and torture them, thus making it seem as if they have had a mental breakdown, when in fact they are telling the truth.

I have just had two incidents, where I am aware that they tried to set it up again to make me look crazy. To have someone out in public do crazy things, and attribute it to me. I assume it's because I am posted about the community health and safety lists that are being kept. Oh well, If this is what it takes, this is what it takes.

There is no proper oversight happening on such lists. Targets need to see what is out there on them. I am aware that in the last four years, what started as workplace mobbing that I tried to have dealt with, lead to serious harassment at work and in the community. When I tried to file a suit outside of work, after my employer pulled me aside and told me to drop it, after I refused is when my Gang Stalking, or systemic harassment started. These lists are being used in horrible ways. Since that time, I am aware that I have had dozens of attempted provoked incidents. My community is being told from what I understand that I am mentally ill, I have never been evaluated by any health professional.

Jane Clift had to go to court and spent four years clearing her name. I had one single sensitivity that has been lost about four years ago. I was deliberately sensitized as a part of workplace mobbing. Since that time, I have had it implied that I am sensitive to everything under the kitchen sink, Eg. Dogs, Sneezing, Keys, loud noise, being startled. I have never had any of the above, but that has never stopped incidents from being reported, to say that I do, or that I have had violent or inappropriate reactions to them. I am aware of this. At this stage in the game their is no credible oversight happening, and that is what needs to change. Every incident that is added to a targets file, has to be checked with the target. If they are not aware that they are even on a list, they never get to share their side of the story, but the police and others do come in contact with them as they try to get help.

When I filed my police report, the female officer lied on the report and twisted everything that was said, I went through the procedure of getting the file corrected, and because I pointed out that it was a city wide program with informants, they advised that it was not their policy to change reports. They also would not update the report, so now I have a bogus report on file, parts of which the female office deliberately wrote in as wrong. These are the types of things that are happening.

It seems easy enough to get placed on a list, employers and others are using this to silence people, innocent people. The scary part is that this happened in such countries as Russia, in the sense that this was used to remove enemies of the state. These are the laws that need to change. Targets need to be notified when they are on such lists. They have a right to review the evidence used against them. They have a right to be reviewed annually. As a community we need Freedom Of Information Requests to see who the primary targets of such lists have been, gender, age, race, etc.

There are some pretty horrible things happening, and the targets are not being heard. Over at Gang Stalking World, this is what is going to be address in the next few months.

Since I have incidents happening offline, that are clearly being used to try to set me up, not to mentioned some other stuff, which I can handle, it seems that someone wants this to be kept undercover, while the Targets of such practices are silenced and ignored.

Those points above will be what will be looked into over the next few months. I have electronically tried to find out what the process is for targets to get their name cleared. I believe legal is their best best, and then to go from their. Even though the electronic harassment is the biggest concern for the targets and they are telling the truth, till we can prove it as a community, Targets might have to leave this part out when trying to have their files cleared. I should add, that it's been a week, and I have had no response from these agencies, but maybe they are just slow in responding.

March 26, 2010 - 11:13pm
EmpowHER Guest

This is a US Federal agency program aimed at punishing individuals that have offended an anonymous but powerful US bureaucrat. These programs are managed by defense contractors. The victims are tracked by GPSs hidden on their cars and by their cellhphones. Thousands of James Bond wannabes -- the young and stupid and recently immigrated are particularly vulnerable -- sign up to hold their cellphones to their ears whenever they get the signal on their cellphones to run outside and do it. This is your unmonitored (by Congress) taxdollars at work.

March 25, 2010 - 3:28pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

I've heard that before but it doesn't explain how this was happening before GPS and cell phones were commonplace. Are you sure you aren't just seeing a lot of cell phones in use and people on them looking at you funny? Here's a tip: If you are expecting to see perps with cell phones everywhere you go, and everywhere you go you see people talking on cell phones, guess what?
They're probably looking at you funny because you're looking at THEM funny thinking they're perps.
And how did all this start? Because you heard somewhere that perps are all dispatched by cell phones and GPS.
Hey there is much truth in your post, I just keep seeing in TI forums a lot of people assume they are surrounded by hundreds of perps everywhere and frankly some of its self fulfilling paranoia driven prophecy. Relax. Don't do their job for them.
batvette- (John in San Diego)

March 26, 2010 - 4:49am
EmpowHER Guest

My other comment seems to be removed. This is for Eleanor.

Gang Stalking is a covert investigation that is opened on an individual, or a list that a Targeted Individual is placed on.

Individuals can be placed on such lists designating them as potentially Violent Person's or persons who have displayed inappropriate behaviours, and it flags them as individuals to be watched. An innocent person can be added to a Violent Person's Registry without knowing it, and given a Violent Person Designation, which will flag and send their names out to every area they visit. Jane Clift was targeted this way and spent four year clearing her name.

Individuals without their knowledge are being placed on lists. In many countries these lists fall under Occupational Safety and Health. Other countries have such lists or similar lists. It seems that employers, educational facilities, and community centers are in some cases placing innocent individuals on such lists as a means of retaliation, silencing, or controlling members of society.

March 24, 2010 - 4:50pm
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