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Hypothyroidism, How Can Mind, Body, Spirit Integration Aid In The Treatment Of This? - Julianna Lyddon (VIDEO)

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Julianna describes how the integration of mind, body and spirit can aid in the treatment of hypothyroidism.

Mind, body, spirit integration is really an important factor when we are looking at hypothyroidism. The reason for this is because we are looking at the entirety of the human being. Now it’s important to notice that mind, body, spirit integration is not a cure in and of itself for hypothyroidism but it certainly is an additional treatment that you may use in order to grow and become more introspective.

The idea behind mind, body, spirit integration is that we are more than a human body. We are a mind, we are a body, we are spirit. And each of these facets of ourselves hold valuable messages and when we take the time to tap into these messages it creates a wholeness. It creates a balance within us.

For example, our mind is sending us messages all the time through our thoughts and our ideas. We just don’t always pay attention but our thoughts are extremely powerful. They can affect our physical body as well as our reality.

And what about the body? The body is also sending us messages, but do we listen? Often we ignore the messages or we push through the message of pain or weakness and the same is true with our spirit. Now some say that the spirit doesn’t exist, possibly because we can’t see it. We can’t measure it. We can’t dissect it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not real. Many of us have felt our spirit in a deep way.

So when we are looking at hypothyroidism in relationship to mind, body, spirit integration what’s important to recognize is that through my intuitive work I have found that every part of the physical body has a voice – every organ. It speaks its own language and this language can be translated into a question – a metaphorical question that encourages us to grow, that encourages us to become introspective.

So let’s look at hypothyroidism. We know that the purpose of the thyroid is to produce hormones to regulate the metabolism. Well the hormones have a very important job. They are sending a message from the gland to the cells. So if you are suffering from hypothyroidism we know you are not making enough hormones. So I want you metaphorically to ask yourself this question – “What is my message? What is the unique personal message that I am sending to the world on a daily basis?”

We all have a message but many of us aren’t even aware of what it is. Are you able to articulate that message? Are you able to dig deep and connect with the depth of who you are and vocalize it to others? Do you find that sometimes you send mixed messages, or others don’t understand what you are saying when you are trying so hard to find the words as if you are almost tongue-tied, or you can’t get the proper word out.

This is something that can absolutely empower you if you contemplate this theme or this concept that surrounds your message. Finding your own powerful voice is so important. It has to do with delving into the depth of who you are, finding your purpose, finding your meaning in life. So pay attention to this theme of your personal message. Take the time to listen to what that might be and putting it out there into your world.

About Julianna:
Julianna Lyddon, MC, is an Intuitive Energy Healing Therapist with a master’s degree in marriage, family and child therapy. With many years of experience as a practicing counselor, Lyddon focuses on helping people through self-introspection and intuition therapy. Lyddon guides her clients in utilizing their natural intuitive gifts while connecting with the many layers that lie beneath and within themselves.

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