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Can Tampons Really Cause GYN-Diseases?

By March 22, 2019 - 3:21am

Once a month, all women of the childbearing age can be divided into two camps. One type uses pads, the other uses tampons. Of course, sometimes the first camp uses tampons too, for example when going to the gym or pool, but we mean the preferable option for constant use.

Today we now have a third option, the use of a menstrual cup, and its popularity has been growing. However, this trend is relatively new and it’s too early to compare it with the other two methods, yet it’s worth the attention.

These two camps argue about what means of hygiene is better. The supporters of tampons claim that they are far more comfortable. They compare pads with diapers and praise the opportunities that tampons give them. You can’t swim in a pool or wear whatever you want if you wear a pad, and this is a fact.

The pad camp bashes about the harm tampons bring to a woman’s health. They blame it for endometriosis, cervical ectropion, and lack of hygienic qualities. They believe tampons don’t let the vagina clean itself properly and are loaded with toxic chemicals that are digested by the vaginal mucosa.

Are all these scary stories about tampons true? Let’s discuss each negative statement about tampons and find out what is true and what is false.

Tampon don’t let the blood come out completely
False. Tampons have a good bandwidth and, if soaked with blood completely, let it come through and out without problems. However, doctors do not recommend to let them stay inside for such a long time, so you’d better never know.

Tampons change vaginal microbiota and cause inflammations
They don’t if you don’t let them stay inside for too long. But if you do, the bacteria on the dirty tampon will multiply and can interfere with the normal bacterial balance inside your vagina. To avoid this, change them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tampons cause endometriosis, cervical ectropion, and even infertility
Tampons can’t cause any diseases linked to abnormal cellular changes, hormonal imbalance or cause a deep injury. They are just soft little cotton balls inserted into the vagina and easily removed. All that they do is absorb blood; they aren’t able to launch deep metabolic changes in your body.

Tampons can be lethal because they cause TSS syndrome
TSS (toxic shock syndrome) is real. The chances of having it are very low but they exist. And the longer the tampon stays inside above the recommended time, the bigger is the risk. There is also an individual sensitivity. If you usually use tampons, nothing ever bothers you and you change them in time, there’s nothing to worry about.

As you see, tampons are completely safe if you have no individual issues and follow the rules of their use. Don’t forget to wash your hands as you change and insert the tampon. If you feel uncomfortable with it, if it burns, itches or hurts, remove it and use some other means of hygiene - a pad or a menstrual cup.

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