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10 Essential Marriage Tips for Couples

By May 17, 2018 - 1:39am

Want a better marriage? The simple way to achieve one is to work on it. These tips are essential for a better relationship - so take them on board. 

1. Maintain A “Growth Mindset” 

In a marriage you need to become a lifelong-learner. If both parties are prepared to learn from challenges and mistakes in the relationship, you will not only thrive as a partnership but also as independent individuals. 

2. Take Care Of Yourself 

You are unable to give anything of yourself when your cup is empty. You need to keep up self-care regardless of what is going on. This is particularly important when it comes to women that are known for giving until they are completely depleted, which results in unhappiness for both parties. 

3. Give Up On Perfection, You Are Not Perfect And Neither Is Your Partner 

In every relationship, both the partners will from time to time make mistakes. Don’t allow perfection to destroy what is usually an overall loving, solid and good relationship. Be kind to your partner and to yourself. 

4. Say What You Are Grateful For Before You Go To Bed At Night 

Before you go to sleep at night is the best time to share with each other the things that you appreciate about the relationship and each other. It might be something about that day or a quality that you love in your partner. When you start to focus on what you appreciate and love about one another you will soon find even more to appreciate and love. 

5. Keep In Mind That Men Want Respect While Women Want To Be Cherished 

Women should be kind and respectful to their husbands and then he will always cherish you, while men should be kind and cherish their wives and she will repay this with respect. 

6. Always Practice Forgiveness 

This includes forgiving your partner as well as yourself.

When interviewing couples who have been in a happy marriage for over 50 years, one of the main secrets that was exposed was the willingness to forgive. Try to practice forgiveness when it comes to your own mistakes and your partner's mistakes. 

7. Never Ever Threaten Divorce 

Avoid throwing around threats of a divorce, even in your most heated arguments. A marriage is too sacred an important enough to threaten a divorce over arguments. 

8. Practice “The Simmer” And Avoid Forgetting To Deliver 

It is wise that your relationship is always on a simmer followed by consistently and gradually bringing it up to the boil. This means flirting and sending sexy texts. Or maybe showing gestures such as a longer lingering kiss or soft smack on the bottom when you pass each other in the kitchen. Remember to allow the simmer to explode into a boil on a regular basis. Regular sex is really important in every relationship for a number of reasons. 

9. Be Vulnerable With One Another 

Brené Brown once said, “What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.” When you open your heart where you share your tender spots with your partner creates a real connection and intimacy. Be prepared to share scary, deep and true feelings. Exposing these intimate feelings will assist in creating that bond that lasts. 

10. Marry The Right Person 

After a decade of teaching women how to do that “inner work” in their preparation to find the right love, we have seen that in many cases personal growth-investments in regard to resources, energy and time before meeting a future spouse offers an exponential return. Your chances increase of attracting the person who will stay with you after you have learned about the behaviors and beliefs that have created your circumstances. Keep in mind that your past does not have to “equal your future.”


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