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Rejection sensitivity dysphoria and ADHD

By March 1, 2019 - 4:02am

I just watched a one of the videos from women’s adhd palooza 2019 and realised I may be experiencing this. I’m just putting this out there hope it helps someone. Apparently there is some treatment it has a 30% chance of working, if it does you’re golden for rsd. Apparently the side effects only show in people who it’s not working for so at least you can find out pretty quickly if it’s for you.

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This is a group for women living with ADHD. Whether diagnosed early or later in life it is important for us to speak about our experience with ADHD, good or bad. This group is to share advice, anecdotes etc. For too long we have been judged by male presentations of ADHD, well we need to make a point that in order to support women better, all need understand what we need for that support to be successful. It starts with communication and trust. I hope some may find this group a place to start and continue. (Savvy indépendant sisters talking about Hyperkinesis)


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