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Raising toddlers - Stimulant free motherhood

By May 14, 2019 - 2:27am

The first thing I wanted to know when starting my family is what effects would the drugs have on a child In utero. I found very little then information and was left to navigate this alone. The next stage being having my bundle of joy and providing beastmilk, no real wealth of information here either still predjudice though as Gp wouldn’t prescribe and no help is provided with the fallout, so now we get to still breastfed toddler and I would have to say take whatever safe remedy you use. This is not the time to be reducing your access to the awesomeness that is you the little one needs all that creativity and awesomeness on the table, floor, walls .......etc. They need this but consistently, organised chaos if you will. We as women were not considered when this variance was identified because mainly we were not loud, violent and destructive. So with this still remaining lack of data we only have social media to call on. I think all we can do is our best and if that is taking adderall, vyvance, Ritalin etc, then so be it the risk of not doing it is not worth it. To those who manage drug free during this time I salute you, to those who can’t I encourage you to see past what you can’t do and build on what you can to design something that works for you, don’t forget ALL parents need a helping hand at some point.

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This is a group for women living with ADHD. Whether diagnosed early or later in life it is important for us to speak about our experience with ADHD, good or bad. This group is to share advice, anecdotes etc. For too long we have been judged by male presentations of ADHD, well we need to make a point that in order to support women better, all need understand what we need for that support to be successful. It starts with communication and trust. I hope some may find this group a place to start and continue. (Savvy indépendant sisters talking about Hyperkinesis)


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