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Is the whitening injection really so good?

By August 17, 2018 - 2:31am

Have you tried the injection of a whitening injection?

The whitening injection has the effect of anti-oxidation, so the effect of whitening injection is very good. After injecting whitening injection, it will be aware that drinking is not easy to drunk and the immunity will become better. So it is said that the effect of whitening injection will also have the effect of liver fixation and refreshment. For it is activated cells, to remove the dirty things and thanks, people will naturally feel refreshing.

The effect of the whitening injection is that the whitening injections in the whitening injection are mostly antioxidants, including Glutathion, Tranexam Acid and vitamin C. Glutathione helps body detoxification, but also helps cell antioxidant. Tranexamic acid can be used to control melanin's enzyme action and add melanin. When injecting whitening injection, the liquid is injected into the body by dripping.

The whitening injection is made by intravenous injection, and therefore more attention should be paid to the safety. Every beautiful woman wants to have fair skin, but it has little effect only on skin care products. Now the continuous development of medical beauty technology can make it easy to realize this wish through the injection of whitening injection. However, many women have doubts about whitening injections. For example, what season is the best choice for whitening injections? Can they also play in summer?

Whitening injection is a functional Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline, which is suitable for all 16~60 year old beauty lovers. Injection of whitening plus freckle, from inside to outside the real whitening.

First course of treatment: you can obviously feel the repair and nourishment of the skin, the skin wetness increases, the greasy, the dark sore decreases; the skin brightness is increased by 2-3 degrees on average, it is slightly white than before use, and it feels smooth when touching.

Second course of treatment: after second courses of continuous repair and repair, black spots, acne, wrinkles, wrinkles, skin water locking capacity, skin brightness increased 3-5 degrees, delicate and tender, skin thinner than before use.

Third courses of treatment: after 3 courses of treatment, the skin is delicate, tight, wrinkled, eye bag, black spot, acne, acne, and dark sore basically disappear. The skin's ability to resist external stimulation and self-recovery is significantly strengthened, and the brightness of skin is increased by 5-6 degrees. It is ruddy, tender and white, and shines, and the skin is young and healthy. The 4-6 course of microdermabrasion treatment: the early effect will be consolidated and promoted, skin white and tender, delicate and moving, elastic and glossy, restored to the beautiful state of youth.

When the whitening injection is improved to a certain extent, if the daily basic maintenance and regular medical cosmetology care are ignored, the color of the skin is certainly not a fair and tender way to keep the whitening injection as white and tender, because the human skin is due to external factors (such as environment, sunlight, air, etc.) and internal factors (endocrine... If the whitening injection is stopped, it is necessary to do a good job of daily basic maintenance and regular medical care. If the whitening injection is used as regular maintenance, the skin can not only keep the skin white and meticulous, but also the best anti-aging method from inside to outside.

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