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Working mums, say goodbye to stress

By December 21, 2018 - 11:01pm

Mothers are ambidextrous, period. Especially, the working ones. They know how to handle two things at a time. While on one hand, they take good care of their children and family members, on the other they make the best of their work lives. They are good at whatever they do. But with a lot of responsibilities comes a lot of stress. They tend to get stressed out at the drop of a hat and why not, after all, they have a lot to handle. But in order to be the best, one needs to let go of stress. Here’s a list of options which will make do for a stress-life for working mothers.

Vacay your way out:

Vacation is the best option to let go of stress. And what better place than Hamptons. To all the mums out there, choose your favorite Hampton houses and go for a trip to the picturesque place. Bid an adieu to your work and family for a while and fly down to Hamptons. Vacation not only freshens your mind but also helps your garner new perspectives which inevitably helps in the longer run. So, mommies do not forget to take a break for a vacation. Mums should break free once in a while.


Regular sessions of yoga are a must for working mothers. Yoga not only helps them keep fit but also exudes a lot of positivity which in turn helps them deal with stress in a better and sorted way. There are many who think yoga is time-consuming. But in reality, it’s not. One complete round of suryanamaskar makes for a stress-free day. And it’s not time-consuming. Instead of losing it over petty issues and racking your brains over them for hours, it is better to spend an hour on yoga. Yoga a day keeps stress away.

Good sleep is a must:

Working mothers often tend to compromise with their sleeping hours. Family, files and a healthy social life, often take a toll on ones sleeping hours, especially working mothers. They should make sure that they don’t cut down upon their sleeping hours as that will affect their health and mind adversely. Eight hours of sleep is a must for working mums. It will not only help them to concentrate on their work and home but also help them get rid of stress.

Me time:

Making the most of your personal space is something one shouldn’t let go of. Working mothers should take out some time from their busy schedule and devote it completely to personal rejuvenation. Listening to good music, brisk walking, reading, writing are some of the things they can take to. In fact, they can chill with their fav group of friends at some café to just laugh off their stress or miseries.

Avoid perfection:

Often working mums in order to be perfect at everything becomes a bit too harsh on themselves which inevitably adds to their stress. Working mums should get it clear in their head that there’s nothing called perfect. They should go easy with whatever they do. Be it at home or at the workplace, they should take it easy. The easier breezy they are, they will be better at things they take up. Perfection is certainly not the in thing.

Don’t overload your Sundays:

Sundays are the only days when a working mum gets to laze around. On Sundays avoid overloading yourselves with work. Go out for a lazy luncheon or hang out with your kiddos over an easy-breezy breakfast. Don’t just be too harsh on yourself on your Sundays. After all, Sunday is the only day you when you can act lazy without being penalized.

Stop comparing yourself:

Working mums have this tendency of comparing themselves with other working mums. And in the process, they tend to hamper their status quo. They tend to achieve certain things which at times add to their stress. So, the least you can do is to stop comparing yourself with others. Just believe in yourself. You are the best at whatever you do and you are doing your bit to keep everything in sync. In case you falter, there’s always a scope to improve.


You should be disciplined to keep your mind calm. Lack of discipline inevitably results in stress. Make a routine and follow that. It will help you in the long run. Come what may do not debunk your schedule.

Counselling programs:

There are times when things tend to go out of hand. In such cases, working mums shouldn’t think twice before visiting a shrink. Now obviously there’s a lot of stigmas attached to it. But getting stigmatized will only add to your stress. Plus there are special counselling sessions which are often devised for working mothers. A working mum should make most of such sessions.

Seek support:

Being independent is good, but at times depending on your husband, in-laws or friends isn’t a bad option. Ask out for help, in case you are unable to strike a balance. You are no wonder woman who has a quick fix for every issue under the earth. Seek support from your family members in case of need. Just like every successful man has a woman behind him, similarly, every successful working mother has a family behind her.
So, working mums, keep calm and be stress-free. And in case you fail to do so, apply the aforementioned mantras in your everyday life.

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