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By August 1, 2012 - 4:11am

I had the cryoablation procedure done over a year ago and still dealing with heavy periods and CONSTANT spotting. I am so disappointed. I have to wear a pad EVERY DAY now. Most of the time it's just spotting but some times it's so heavy I can't leave the house. And there is no schedule. It may be days or weeks in between the heavy bleeding. Fortunately the heavy periods don’t last more than a day or 2. My doctor started me on the depo shot 6 months ago and still no changes except that I gained over 15 pounds! I don't know if I will go back for my 3rd shot in 2 weeks. I've all kinds of biopsies and such...nothing wrong. Is a hysterectomy my only option at this point?
Other than the irregular periods I am in excellent health. I have no idea what causes the spotting/heavy bleeding. After the cryoablation I thought the heavy periods would be done. Especially after taking the depo injections for 6 months. I am open to any procedure/medication and am grasping at straws. I am 48 and do not plan to have any more children. I have been to 3 ob/gyns in the last 2 years and none have been able to help me. I guess I was just hopeful that someone may have had a similar situation and found something successful.

By September 27, 2012 - 5:04am

It’s disappointing that my pharmacist knows more than my doctors. Especially since one is on the board of woman’s health at a major area hospital. Ironically what prompted my research of the misoprostol was a crime show on TV. One of the detectives referred to the drug as an “abortion drug”. It’s sad that Hollywood knows more about meds than doctors.
As far as my stance on my “financial and insurance considerations" my health concerns trump all.

September 27, 2012 - 5:04am
By September 17, 2012 - 5:13am

Hi Susan, Thank you for responding. I did post on the other thread and was interested in learning that others were not so successful with the procedure as well.
However after reviewing my health log I determined my biggest problem was a medication I was taking for my stomach. Misopostrol. I started it in Oct of 2010. By November by periods were out of control. Prior to that I was doing well on a BC pill. Actually able to "skip periods" with it as well. When I went to my gyno in Jan 2011 he suggested the cryo since I had heavy bleeding in the past. I went to a doctor in my network and he suggested a hysterectomy. I didn't want to go that route at the age of 47. I found another gyno in network willing to do the cryo.
As you can see from my initial post those results weren't positive. I made the connection to the misopostrol this summer and have stopped taking the medication. All bleeding stopped within a month and I have not had any spotting or bleeding since.
How come 3 gynos and a primary care doctor (who ordered the referrals) never picked up on the drug I was taking? I always list any meds when I go to the doctor. I am very apprehensive to go back to any of these doctors.
Your thoughts.....Thank you.

September 17, 2012 - 5:13am

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We're a group devoted to the education and support of something that will happen naturally to all of us at some stage: menopause. No longer called things like "the change" in quiet female-only groups; menopause is a normal stage of life that signals one part of life leaving, and a potentially fantastic one marching in! Some of us will need help, support and advice during this time, and some of us have lots of it to give. Light-hearted or troubled, we can swap experiences and stories, post questions and worries - all within a compassionate community that offers professional resources. Any woman, from 18 to 80, can benefit from membership! Let the fun and friendships begin...


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