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By HERWriter Guide March 31, 2011 - 12:09pm

Many have joined; no-one is talking!

Let's talk about relationships and the physical/sexual aspects that aren't working. How long has this been going on and where does your relationship stand now?


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I am having a hard time because my boyfriend and I have not been intimate in a month or so. It kind of dwindled down after I opened up and told him I was and sometimes still battle with the fact I am bulimic. He has been very supportive (will take or go to meetings with me, etc), but says this is why our sex life has diminished. I am one of those "fixers" where I want to talk things out and figure them out, and it seems to put more stress on everything. I guess I am just looking to see if anyone out there has experienced this before and what exactly I should do. When I get sad or stressed out my disease tends to resurface. I truly love this man and see him as part of my future....the fact I told him my "skeletons in the closet" reminds me of this, but sometimes, I wish I hadn't.


Chicago, IL


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