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Types of Deltoid Pain - Symptoms & Causes

By October 10, 2018 - 4:51am

The deltoid muscle has gotten its name due to its triangular shape. It is found on the uppermost area of the arm and the top of the shoulder. It helps us lift our arms and move our shoulders. The deltoid muscle is in fact attached to the upper arm, to the shoulder blade and collarbone by tendons. This muscle, just like any other, can also be injured and sore and cause great discomfort.

What are the symptoms of deltoid pain?
When an injury to the deltoid muscle has occurred, the pain is usually felt on the shoulder, in the front, middle or the back of the shoulder. The deltoid muscle can even be torn, a more serious injury, which is divided into Grade 1 to Grade 3, depending on the severity of the strain. A grade 1 tear is mild and so is the swelling that it causes. Movements are still possible and the patient would only feel some pain.

A grade 2 strain causes more pain and its swelling is much more visible. With a grade 2 strain, the movement won´t be as easy and activities such as lifting, push-ups or presses will be impossible due to the severe pain.

The grade 3 strain is the most severe of all deltoid strains, causing extreme swelling of the injured area. Moving the arm and shoulder might not be possible at all with this type of strain. Sometimes a doctor might appoint shoulder and rotator cuff injuries treatment due to similar symptoms between the two.

What causes deltoid pain?
Deltoid pain is usually caused by a movement that puts additional pressure on the area that is done without warming the muscle up first and without resting the muscle properly afterward. Not warming up when exercising or lifting heavy objects and not resting the muscle will increase the possibility of a muscle strain. Activities such as weight lifting, swimming, basketball or skiing are usually ones that are done with the help of the deltoid muscle and should, therefore, be done carefully, to prevent the muscle from pulling.

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