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How Can Your Gyn Doctor Tell If You’re Pregnant Based on Pelvic Exam Only

By October 18, 2018 - 4:18am

Pregnancy tests have already proven to be a trustworthy method to reveal if a woman is pregnant or not. Of course, the earlier she will know the truth, the better, regardless of whether this pregnancy is wanted or not.
What Term of Pregnancy is Diagnosable?
The first cause to suspect conception is, of course, a delayed period. However, every woman’s body has its individual issues and sometimes a woman can be pregnant and sill have periods for some time. Or vice versa – the missed period can be not connected to pregnancy at all. What to do then? Visit your GYN doctor to know the answer.
Unlike the HCG tests that can detect pregnancy on a term of one week, your gynecologist will not see it that early. If the doctor is qualified, experienced and highly skilled, he or she will diagnose your pregnancy visually on the term no earlier than 3-4 weeks.
How Can the Doctor See That You Are Pregnant?
Here are some specific changes in a woman’s reproductive organs that make the fact of your pregnancy visible to your doctor.
A change in color of the vagina and cervix
Enlarged uterus
Softened uterine walls
Changes in color and texture of labia. They become a little swollen, get a bluish shade and lower temperature
It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to see the difference. In most cases, pregnancy can be seen well visually at the 7th-week term.
In addition, information received from a woman is valuable in establishing the diagnosis. A patient’s report about her feelings, changed perceptions, tastes, and sensations in her breasts, together with visible physiological changes can give a clearer picture of what is going on.
Is the Pelvic Exam Enough?
The ultrasound vagina exam can give data that is more accurate. It can also help diagnose the ectopic pregnancy, position of the egg, prevent possible problems and evaluate the general state of a woman’s reproductive system.
Still, if the term of pregnancy is very early, there are chances that the egg may not be seen on screen. So, the blood HCG test is the only thing that can tell for sure if a woman is pregnant or not, rather than a pelvic exam or ultrasound.
A pelvic exam can be a supportive measure in diagnosing pregnancy but the data received in this process is too vague to be considered trustworthy. A doctor must work with you for a long time to know for sure if your physiological conditions had changed. So, the winner is blood test – this is the most trustworthy pregnancy detector.

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