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Breaking Myths About Oral Contraception

By October 29, 2018 - 12:40am

Every adult person that leads a sexual life understands the importance of proper contraception. An unplanned pregnancy can become the reason of various life problems and best avoided. Oral pills are proven to be a very effective method for pregnancy prevention. However, it works only when used properly.
Hormonal contraception requires that you follow certain rules to make everything work and not cause health problems. The ignorance of people towards the subject is inappropriate, so let us break the popular myths regarding oral birth control pills.

Myth #1. There is nothing wrong with occasionally missing one pill or taking them at longer intervals.
Any violation of the prescription can lower the contraceptive effect. This means it can provoke ovulation, and as a result, an unplanned pregnancy. Follow the prescription precisely, concerning not only taking the pills but the recommended interval as well.

Myth #2. You can choose the pills yourself.
Hormonal medicine is a serious preparation that requires a consultation with your doctor before you start taking them. Each of them has its contraindications and conditions of health to take into consideration. You may not even be aware of your health factors that matter in this case, so choose your oral pills together with your doctor.

Myth #3. You can stop taking the pills in the middle of a course and not get pregnant.
First, it’s not recommended to stop taking the pills in the middle of a course. The hormonal breakdown can cause a violation of the entire menstrual period and cause unpredictable ovulation.

Myth #4. Oral pills cause severe side effects; this is why they are dangerous.
Oral pills can be dangerous for your health only if you chose them yourself, without your doctor’s guidance. In cases where they are chosen with a professional with consideration of all your individual health issues, the risks of any harm are minimized.
There can be slight side effects but they are very minimal and don’t bring any serious harm or have a crucial influence on your health. Usually, when your body adapts to the pills, the side effects go away by themselves.

Myth #5. Why using a course of oral pills, when there are plan b pills.
Emergency pills are created for emergencies. They contain very significant doses of hormones and are not recommended to use on a regular basis. And they also have their prescription that should be followed.

Myth #6. Premenopausal age is not an option for oral contraception.
Getting pregnant in your menopause is also possible, so contraception is necessary as well. Still, according to a woman’s individual health issues, the pills can be replaced by an UID. There are special devices that reduce the risks of having such diseases as uterine fibroids, endometriosis etc. It is all very individual and must be discussed with your doctor.
As you can see, oral pills are very multi-optional and safe if you do everything right. Don’t miss the opportunity to provide yourself with a comfortable and safe method of contraception to enjoy your sexual life without any fears.

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