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Why Hair Transplant: Best 4 Reasons

By August 16, 2018 - 11:37pm

The hair transplant procedure has high appeal among masses that is affected by the genetic hair loss or pattern baldness. The baldness occurs due to the DHT-sensitivity of hair roots that accelerated due to the combined effect of genetics and hormones of the body. The catalytic effect on the body that converted Testosterone hormone into DHT (Di-Hydro Testosterone) with the combination of 5-alpha-reductase and the symptoms of miniaturization occurs and further the extensive hair loss.
Nowadays, the hair transplant procedure is taken as hand-to-hand owing to its natural benefits of the surgery that facilitates the regeneration of hair roots from the original sites and fulfils the natural desire of a person. The procedure is based on the transferring of hair roots that shift from one location to another subsequently, the balding areas covered with the live hair roots. This is the procedure that involves both the science and art, which needs an extreme aesthetic sense in order to fulfil the desired restoration goal of the surgery.
The surgical removal of grafts is done, either by the FUT/strip method or through the FUE technique and both have the same goal to obtain the particular number of grafts to fulfil the baldness needs of a patient.
In this article, we are mentioning the best 4 Reasons that explain Why the Procedure of Hair Transplant is Needed?
1. It Sorts out the Issue of Baldness Permanently
The hair transplant procedure is all about the solution of the baldness permanently as the hair roots are taken from the patient’s own scalp that further transplanted into the balding zone. The transplanted hair adopts the natural fashion and behaviour and one can enjoy the regrowth possibility from the areas where the hair was lost. The transplanted hair remains forever on the scalp because of the DHT-resistant characters that are harvested, especially via the FUT technique of hair restoration. Once a patient received the hair transplant procedure they enjoy the permanent growth of hair regardless of the fear of losing or miniaturizing.
2. The Transplanted Hair is Patient’s own Hair
As a matter of fact, the hair transplant procedure is done from the patient’s own body or scalp and hence the procedure is free from any kind of ill or side effects. The transplanted hair behaves in a natural way as the roots adopt the natural characteristics of hair in terms of colour, calibre, and texture. The transplanted roots are free from the burden of extra care or maintenance and one can enjoy the cutting, trimming, shaving, colouring of hair as their wish and desire.
3. No Need to Give special Care
Yes, it is absolutely true that transplanted hair doesn’t require even a touch of care because it’s all your own hair that grows naturally. As you received the procedure, one can free from any course of medications, therapy or maintenance. However, it is a cost-effective procedure and needs only one time of expenses. So, planning a restoration treatment can categorize in the budget-conscious decision.
4. It is a Cost-effective Decision
When you are affected by the hair loss issues, it is good to get the hair restoration procedure rather than the use of medications, therapy or topical option. As a matter of fact, the hair transplant permanently sorts out the issue of hair loss after receiving the transplant session one get free from other secondary options viz. oral or topical solution. However, for the long-time benefits, it is really a cost-effective decision.
On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant treats the baldness issues for a lifetime and one can enjoy the natural growth without the burden of extra care or maintenance.

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