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Losing 8lbs the EmpowerHer Way

By September 16, 2011 - 5:46am

I have been to my MD and I am 148 so since Sept 9,2011, I stopped eating after 6pm. I have been going for walks and redoing my home just getting rid of stuff I need to throw out to keep myself from munching out. I am so pleased at myself for all that I accomplished this week.I am cleansing my home and myself and it feels great all around.

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Fall is just around the corner and I read an article about losing 8lbs then I thought wouldn't it be fun to start a buddy system for encouragement and advice.The goal is for one month just to challenge ourselves to see how it goes,lose weight your own way by biking,jogging,walking, or working out however you like just make it fun.I remember Oprahs' advice once it helped me,it is not to eat after 6pm.I wondered how many of us tried that trick.I am looking forward to a challenge 8lbs just think it is not alot but it is a start.Lets do it together for EmpowerHER


Ontario, Canada


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