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What to Do if Your Filling Does Not Match by Size?

By September 17, 2018 - 12:29am

Today, there are plenty of dentistry services and doctors. Unfortunately, not all of them are as good as the advertisement promises. Even such a standard procedure as filling cavities can turn into a problem if not done properly.
Matching a proper size for the filling is of essential importance. Unfortunately, the situation when the filling does not match is quite common. A patient comes home and notices that the filling is too high. It makes the process of closing the mouth uncomfortable and does not let the teeth to join properly.
Even one extra millimeter missed by the doctor can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient. Under the action of anesthesia, it is difficult for the patient to feel it. Nevertheless, when it is over, the true state of things is revealed.
Often people think, “It is normal to feel discomfort after the procedure. I will get used to it. Maybe it will be rubbed off with time”. It is a mistake. Modern filling materials are extremely durable. They can last many years for on millimeter of it to rub off.
What will happen if you just leave it like that?
1. The distribution of the strain will be wrong – the protruding edge of the filling will undergo too much pressure. This will lead to constant traumatization and require pulp removal in future.
2. The filling can simply fracture under the constant pressure, and a part of your tooth can fracture together with it.
3. If a filling is too high, it will develop into malocclusion with time. You will get used to the discomfort it brings but you will face other problems – deformation of your jaws and problems with mandibular joints.
If you face the discomfort mentioned above, do not waste your time – go back to your doctor to solve the problem. After diagnostics and measuring, the doctor will correct your filling. It will not take much time but will prevent big trouble in the future.

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