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A Pacifier For Your Baby: Yes or No?

By August 9, 2018 - 6:23am

The world is torn apart in two camps. Not only parents but also doctors and even scientists are involved in a hot battle regarding pacifiers for children. Do our children need them or is it just a comfort for their parents? Are pacifiers harmful? Can they be useful? Parents, grandparents, pediatricians, kids’ dentists and many others specialists give different opinions.

Let us try to sum it all up and find the truth. The thing is that this truth cannot be universal for every child in the world. Each situation is unique and depends on many factors that can change in different situations. A pacifier is used to soothe the baby. First, it is better to answer the question of WHY is the baby crying.

If the baby cries because it is hungry, dirty or does not feel well, a pacifier will not solve these problems. A child’s basic needs must be satisfied for it to stay calm and happy. Crying is a sign that something is missing and parents must pay attention to it. Nevertheless, sometimes children just cry for no visible reason. And, of course, nothing can comfort them better than a mother and her breast can.

Still, a mother’s life is full of hard work and stress, so underestimated by society. Despite the ideal image of maternity portrayed in the social media and taken as a role model, it is not always pleasant to be a mother. The emotionally exhausted women that receive no help in taking care of the baby are especially vulnerable to the postpartum depression.

This is why, if your baby is healthy, clean and fed but still crying, if it does not allow you to do things or have a little time to rest – yes, it is normal to soothe it the way it works. It may include a pacifier too; each child has some individual tips that work in this case. If something helps you in carrying out your motherhood without a harm for a baby – use it.

If you decide to reject the idea of using a pacifier and both you and the child feel comfortable – it is good. If you think, you both need it sometimes – it is also good, but there are some rules not to make your solution a problem.

-- Choose the orthodontic pacifier to be sure that it will not interfere with the proper formation of oral organs of your baby.

-- Attach it to the baby’s clothes with the help of the pacifier clip, that is the safest way to keep it clean, not to lose it and avoid the choking hazard (like with the devices hanging on a baby’s neck).

-- Remember that sucking a pacifier longer than two years leads to the problems with the occlusion and speech. It may be difficult to make a decision to reject the pacifier and perhaps you will have to go through some hard times in this process. Still, it is necessary, because solving the orthodontic problems will cost you more efforts and money.

Each child is an individual, listen to yours and you will find the answer.

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