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Important Things to Know About Dental Procedures During Your Menstruation

By November 22, 2018 - 12:38am

Menstruation often makes women modify their plans due to the many inconveniences it brings. They have to reschedule their dates, visits to the gym, or even miss work if they feel really bad. What about visits to the dentist? Is there a connection between dental procedures and your menstrual cycle?

Drawbacks of Dental Treatment in Your Menstruation
Dental problems usually need fast solutions, especially when there is severe pain, discomfort, or obvious cosmetic issues. Why can dental treatments be problematic during days of your menstruation? There are several possible side effects:
Possible pain and fear of the treatment procedure can make you nervous and stressed. You wouldn’t want these emotions to be added to your menstrual mood swings and make you feel worse.
During your menstruation, you may not feel well. If the dental procedure is long and complicated, it may completely exhaust you.
The perception of the body changes during these days and analgesics may not work as good as expected. Also, you can be more sensitive to pain.
Blood to clotting is worse in the days of your menstruation. It is an important feature, allowing the uterus to drop the unnecessary inner layer. However, it may cause problems with healing and cause complications if you need to extract a tooth.
The ability of tissues to heal is decreased. This happens due to fluctuations in your hormone. Hormones oppress the formation of new cells. This is not the best time for any procedures that require production of active cells.
The immune system is weaker in the days of menstruation. This also happens due to hormones and makes the result of any complicated dental treatment unpredictable.
As you can see, the list of drawbacks is quite big. Does it mean you should cancel your visits to the dentist as well? It depends on the situation, your feelings, and the kind of dental treatment you need. Some procedures can be performed the same way as on any other day, but some are better to postpone.

Procedures You Can Perform During Menstruation
Filling cavities. The decayed part of the tooth will be cleaned out, and there will be no need in using extra resources from your body to heal the wound because there will be none.
Having an X-ray exam. It has a targeted action, and no organs of the reproductive system are involved.
Professional cleaning. It is a painless, minimally invasive procedure.
Enamel remineralisation. Missing even one procedure in the course can waste the results of the previous ones.

Which Procedures Are Best to Avoid
Tooth extraction. If it hurts badly, you can do it, but if not, it’s better to wait until the end of your cycle.
Dental implants. Not every single dental implant fuses successfully 100% of the time. During your menstruation, the risk of failure is increased due to the reasons mentioned above.
Whatever the procedure you need to go through, your dentist should be aware of your menstrual cycle. This will help the doctor be more careful and consider any possible risks.

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