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Ensuring Your Child’s Occlusion is Formed Properly

By November 26, 2018 - 2:55am

Proper formation of a child’s occlusion is something that requires special attention from the parents. There are many factors that affect its development. Many of them can be neutralized with proper parental control and maintaining healthy habits early on.
Proper occlusion is important for a beautiful, healthy smile, facial features, and digestion. Here are some factors and situations that can influence a child’s occlusion.

1. Artificial feeding
Breastfeeding is a natural process, which aids in the proper development of a child’s jaws, drinking from a bottle requires less effort from the baby. When a child sucks a mother’s breast, the facial muscles receive a workout, which is necessary for the formation of a proper occlusion.

2. Breastfeeding for too long
A year and a half is more than enough. After this, active sucking can interfere with the proper development of a child’s jaws. The intensive work of the jaw is important at the earlier stages of its development only.

3. Underdeveloped jaws
This problem occurs from an improper diet. After a year and a half, hard products should be introduced into the child’s daily menu. This will provide the proper workout for the jaws, which is crucial for a healthy occlusion.

4. Genetics
This may sound hopeless, but there’s still something you can do for your child. Being aware of the genetic issues of developing a wrong bite, you should control the body position your child sleeps in. Sleeping on a spine with a flat pillow is the best option. A child should also never sleep with an open mouth.

5. Pacifier
Pacifiers are well-known as “occlusion killers”. It’s best to avoid using completely at all or at least minimize their use. A pacifier shouldn’t be in a child’s mouth all day. 10-20 minutes is enough to comfort the child. Don’t let your child sleep with it as well – it is dangerous not only for the occlusion.

6. Stuffed nose
When a child can’t breathe through the nose, it has to breathe through the mouth. It makes the facial muscles tense and a child’s skull may form improperly. This is why, if your child has a runny or stuffed nose, treat it as soon as you can.

Following these tips will help ensure your child's occlusion is formed properly. Preventive visits to a kids orthodontist are also important, because the doctor may notice things you may miss and take timely measure to solve the problem.

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