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Autumn Weather and Dental Pain

By June 13, 2019 - 7:04am

In the regions, where autumn is cold and rainy, health problems in people usually aggravate. This concerns not only increased chances to catch a common cold and feel a drop of immunity but worse symptoms of the already existing diseases. Our entire body can be affected, even the teeth.

This may sound weird but our teeth can be also affected by wet and cold weather, directly or indirectly. Below we will observe all the weather-related cases of dental issues to help you understand how it works.

Common cold and cavities
Low immunity due to a common cold weakens all the defensive systems of our body. This provokes the aggravation of chronic diseases and boosts the bacterial vital activity. This also concerns the bacteria that live in the mouth - Streptococcus mutans. These are the bad guys that provoke tooth decay.

Besides, when you suffer from a common cold, you often have a fever, sore throat, and stuffed nose. This doesn’t let you breathe properly and causes dehydration. These factors affect the production of saliva - the natural protection of our teeth. The protection doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, leading to tooth decay.

Sometimes we make it worse by sucking sweet cough candies or drinking sweet hot remedies. Our oral health is in danger, and we escalate it by exposing our teeth to the sugar’s harmful properties. This is why it’s better to choose sugar-free treatment.

Many people feel pain in different parts of the spine and limbs in rainy or foggy days. This may also cause our teeth to hurt. If you suffer from chronic pain related to weather fluctuations, you will need an entire body diagnostic.

Very often, it’s not the teeth that hurt - it’s the trigeminal nerve. A part of it runs through the face and can radiate into the jaws and teeth. However, you should visit both a family dentist and a neurologist to exactly determine this type of pain.

Ear or nasal infection
Ears, nose, and mouth are all connected, and pain in one area can radiate into the others. In case of a maxillary sinus infection or ear infection, pain can radiate into the teeth on the upper jaw. By the way, if you often have problems with your ears or sinus infections, you should visit a dentist too - dental problems can be the provoking factor for them.

How to Prevent Weather-Related Dental Issues
The main thing you should take care of is your immune system. Take vitamins, don’t overwhelm yourself and get enough sleep in the gloomy autumn days. However, immunity should be maintained not only when the weather is bad. It can be improved by a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and exercises, relaxation and positive thinking. But this process shouldn’t be limited to only a certain period of the year - it should become a lifestyle for all times.

A healthy lifestyle also means being attentive to your body and understanding the importance of preventive visits to the dentist and other specialists. This will help you reveal and treat any diseases before they become a big problem. Take care of yourself and you will feel good and stay healthy no matter what the weather is outside.

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