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Emotional Eating Why?

By March 5, 2014 - 9:05pm

Hi I'm new to this board. I am 40 soon to be 41 been to a counselor or two or three, had gastric bypass, starved myself, and tried every diet pill just about. At my age I am tired I just want to live life and be happy. I know what I need to do or should do, but the food gets the best of me more so than not. I know it's my comfort it has been since I was a kid. How do I tell my brain that the food can't fill the void I am feeling inside. Then how do I one figure out the void and two heal the void. I try to live my life positive and see the good in things and others. How come we can see it in other's and when they doubt themselves we can build them back up. Yet I seem to focus on my flaws or shortcomings. I realize everyone has their own issues in their lives, but why does the sugar have to taste so good. This time of year is the worst for me Easter candy is my favorite and the Girl Scouts (whom I have deemed the devils minions, in an endearing way) and their Thin Mints ugh! Yes my addiction is to sugar, sugar I am pretty sure is the devils magic dust. Anyone else out there who has learned to cope with their void and fight the cravings advise would be greatly appreciated about now. Thank you

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