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Easy To Buy Gifts For The Women In Your Life These Holidays

By January 4, 2020 - 3:15am

Still looking for the best holiday gifts for the women in your life? Well, that’s not shocking, as they’re the most difficult type of people to pick the perfect gift for. And that’s not shade, it’s just the way it is. Getting something for any woman is difficult enough, but when it seems that they already have everything, the gift searching becomes more intimidating.

Worry not, this article collated some of the most unexpected gifts you can buy so that she’ll have the time of her life come Christmas morning. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it will be a shame if she doesn’t have anything to boast about. To her friends, colleagues, etc., you get the idea. So whether you’re shopping for your mother, sister, girlfriend, or girl friend, here are the best gifts to get them:

Authentic Watches

You can never go wrong with a watch. It’s the classic gift, and it’s a crowdpleaser. What you want to make sure though is the quality, make, and brand of the watch is decent enough for her to be truly happy about it. You can opt for a smartwatch, but we’d say a mechanical watch with a great movement that she can wear every day is the way to go.

Look for iconic watches like the Cartier Tank or the Bvlgari Serpenti. There are also great choices from Omega. But if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, fret not, as you can still give her a mechanical watch without draining your savings. Go for lesser-known brands like Seiko, Hamilton, and Tissot.

A Korean Skin Care Set

The 10-step Korean skincare process is taking the world by storm and trust us when we say that every girl wants to dip their toes in the hype. So what better way to brighten her Christmas morning by buying her a Korean Skin Care system? What you need to do beforehand though is to assess her skin needs secretly. For this, you need to be savvier.

You can ask her randomly, or if you have access to her bathroom, you can secretly check out what she’s using. Those should give you lots of ideas. Check out her social media too as most women feature their skincare routine these days. Maybe she has her personal favorites on her Instagram Stories. You’ll never know.

Set of Cases

Every girl loves phone cases. Even the ones who aren’t vocal about it. Trust us, get her two cute phone cases, or the ones which can be bought on the official stores of her phone’s brand and you’re good to go. Keywords you should remember are silicone, glitters, leather, and colors. Buy her a set, if you’re feeling generous.

A gift certificate.

Some people think that giving a gift certificate is tacky, but that’s actually wrong. There’s nothing disgraceful in giving a person a coupon from their favorite restaurant, tech company, department store, etc. Just make sure the gift certificate has enough to cater a really satisfying session if its a spa, or a purchase if it’s from anywhere else for that matter.

Wireless headphones.

If your sister or mother commutes every single day to work, a wireless headphone can be a lifesaver. She can listen to music while on the train, listen to a podcast or just tune out the city’s noise pollution. If she has an iPhone, the AirPods are the best options. You don’t need to get her the latest Pro models, as the one without wireless charging should be enough.

There are discounts all over traditional tech shops these holidays for wireless headphones so look out for those. If she’s got an Android phone, the Huawei Freebuds 3 is best in class. They have the noise-canceling feature that the AirPods Pro has for less the price. And the sound is pretty great too.


Making the women in your life happy this Christmas means making your life easier and better for the next year. Make sure to have the receipts of your purchases so that in the off chance that they decide to exchange their gift, you can return the items easily. Either way, with Christmas looming, it should also be about the family getting together and having fun!


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