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6 Handy Tips for Creating a Winning Yoga Teacher Resume

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By Anonymous October 19, 2019 - 3:06am

If you've recently completed your yoga teacher qualification, then congratulations are in order! Now you might be wondering where to go from here.

Naturally, your next step would be to look for work as a yoga instructor, but as someone who's never taught before, how do you go about doing this?

Believe it or not, even yoga instructors need a resume, so this is your first step in beginning your verifiable yoga teacher journey. Learn more about how to create the perfect yoga teacher resume in this blog!

How to Create a Yoga Teacher Resume for First-Time Teachers

One of the most important things about your resume as a yoga instructor is that it must be a true and honest reflection of yourself. Essentially, it must represent your best self — nothing more, nothing less.

In order to get your resume formatting on-point, you should consider downloading a standard resume template. Check out these free templates for resume creation, here!

Now, let's get into the details.

1. Always Include a Personal Statement

This is an important part of your resume, as it helps you to stand out from all the other yoga instructors out there. Make sure to include a couple of sentences about yourself and your strengths.

Include a brief snippet of information about your teacher training and preferred yoga focus. Overall, be honest about who you are and why you'd love to teach.

2. Highlight Your Education and Certifications

State all the specifics about your teacher training and level of certification in this section. Include the number of hours involved in your training, when you completed it, and if you're registered with Yoga Alliance.

Include links to your yoga training school, where appropriate, for more information on where you studied. And if you completed any other teacher training courses in the past, don't forget to mention those, too! These could range from assistant training, philosophy workshops, and weeklong specialized training.

Finally, don't neglect any other training and qualifications you have outside of yoga. Just because it's not yoga-focused, doesn't mean it's not relevant.

3. Include Any Form of Teaching Experience

Obviously, yoga-based teaching experience is paramount in this section. But if you've taught others before in any capacity, it's important to mention this here. It means you're capable and experienced in helping others learn, no matter the subject.

Of course, if you have any relevant yoga instructing experience, even if it's just assisted experience, make mention of it.

4. Mention Your Work Beyond the Studio

Most yoga instructors did not start out as yoga teachers. In fact, you'll find that most yoga instructors worked in a completely different field before committing to teaching.

It's important to mention any other form of work or volunteer experience outside the studio. It may seem irrelevant, but it gives your potential new employer insight into your background, work ethic, and where you've come from.

5. Keep Things Short and Succinct

While it may be tempting to waffle on about yourself and the things you've achieved, try to keep your resume short and sweet. Ideally, it shouldn't be longer than a page.

Succinct, clear, and well-written resumes are easy to scan and tend to stand out from long and wordy resumes.

6. Be Wary When Including Photos

Adding a photo of yourself is always a great, personalized touch. But you have to be careful about the type of photo you include.

Stay away from selfies, photos with friends, or even photos with your partner. Stick to professional headshots or even a photo of you in asana!

Get the Most Out of Your Practice

Now that you know how to create a noteworthy yoga teacher resume, find all the inspiration you need for when it comes time to teach your first class.

Explore the rest of this website for motivational yoga videos, poses, and blog topics in order to get the most out of your practice.

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