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My partner is chronically ill and won’t take care of himself

By June 6, 2018 - 6:30pm

My partner has had two liver transplants and is in kidney failure. He had his transplants when he was a child, related to biliary atresia and Epstein Barr the second time. He was a normally functioning adult aside from the kidney failure but it was progressing slowly. His doctors tell him he can live a long and happy life as long as he takes his medication consistently and does his blood work. I have been with him for 4 years and we are expecting our first child together and he will not go to blood work or take his medications properly. He misses his appointments on purpose and takes his medication mostly regularly but only if I remind him. I feel so devastated because this has been an uphill battle fighting with him to just take care of himself. Simple things like calling his doctor to find out when his next appointment is or going to the bloodwork clinic right by our house he won’t do. Every once and a while he gets very sick and spends two weeks or so in the hospital, but not even that smartens him up. I am so scared because I feel like I am going to lose my bestfriend and husband and my child will lose their dad. Why doesn’t he care enough about us to take care of himself when it’s something as simple as taking medication and visiting his doctor. He would get so ill he couldn’t work for long periods of time but instead of trying to get better he would stay at home and meet girls on line and cheat on me. Nothing seems to make him care or get through to him..I am so devastated and I feel like after 4 years of fighting for him to just take care of myself and love his family, I will only hurt myself and our child when he gets sick. I don’t know how much more I can take of the lies and deceit and complete lack of effort on his part but it’s so hard because I love him with everything I have and I’m terrified to lose him. I don’t know how to cope anymore and feel so alone and stressed and scared for our child’s future without a father.

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