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Allergies plus heart problems

By May 30, 2017 - 4:33pm

My situation is a little different in that my husband has an enlarged aorta. We've been told twice to prepare for surgery only to be told the aorta shrunk. Insurance will only pay when the aorta gets to 5.5 cm. He is very close and the measurements ebb and flow. He is also deathly allergic to pet dander, molds and certain plants. We've only been married a year and I have found myself feeling resentful then feeling guilty for feeling resentful. He underwent back surgery two years ago and that was very hard on both of us. He is 11 years older but he's only 64. I am afraid we won't have much of a retirement due to his health issues. Also the enlarged aorta is causing regurgitation and I am sure that is adding to his fatigue. I love him dearly - he is a physician and yes it is true - he's not the best patient. Any suggestions or advice? Also feel free to share your own stories. Much love ❤️.

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