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By July 2, 2016 - 1:06pm

What is on my mind is that my husband is a very sweet man and I have no real right to complain. The problem is that I do most of the every day chores of the house, such as cooking, shopping, laundry, household paying of bills, cleaning, organization, decision making and most of the running around doing of errands. He does sweep and do the dishes every day and he does some outside chores such as cutting the grass and some gardening and some general handy work. We both don't work right now and he has not worked since his 30's. It would see that we are both sufficiently okay for money. So I can't complain except he is generally not feeling well because of acid reflux, back problems and severe insomnia. Generally when I wake up in the morning I am alone until he gets up at noon or so. Then I am having lunch and he is having breakfast. We do have our supper together. We have been together for 38 years. I can't complain, but it is hard because lots of the times I am alone and my friends and family, especially his side of the family, have been extremely judgmental of him because of his ill health and insomnia. So there we go. I feel like a creep for complaining because I have read some of the conversations here on this site, and I feel so bad for some of the other situations. Recently, I have lost contact with my husband's side of his family after both his parents died as his brother has been so judgmental of my husband's situation, that my husband felt so hurt and abandoned by him that he did not contact his brother. My husband is going to be tested with a tube down into his stomach as well as a colonoscopy and hopefully it is not cancer which is the worst case scenario - this test is to be in a couple of weeks. I have considered asking our family doctor if I should go to a support group for caretakers, but we are a 25 minute drive from town and that is just one more errand for me to do, which is why I am writing on this site.

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