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6 Tips That Help Cut Down Your Sugar Addiction

By March 20, 2019 - 2:05am

Sugar addiction exists; it’s a scientifically proven fact. It doesn’t sound as threatening as nicotine, alcohol or drug addiction but, in fact, it also brings you a significant amount of health problems. Let’s see how it works.

The so-called “sugar rush” is the boost of energy you feel as the fast carbohydrates enter your body. You feel a fast boost of energy but this energy burns very fast, and in a short while you’re tired and hungry again. Your body wants more. In addition, treating yourself with sweets when you’re feeling sad is a form of psychological addiction.

Sugar addiction destroys your teeth and makes you gain weight. It causes numerous problems with metabolism, hormones and can even lead to diabetes. Of course, you can eat some sweet treats from time to time but they shouldn’t be a constant part of your daily menu if you want to be healthy and live a long life.

Say No to Sugar Consumption
These tips will help you improve your daily menu, resist the desire to eat sweet treats and provide progress in weight loss for men and women.

1. Eat more protein for breakfast
When your breakfast is rich in proteins, it gives you energy for the entire day. This energy will be enough for you not to crave for a doughnut. Eggs, low-fat dairy, and sugar-free peanut butter reduce the hunger hormone and makes you feel more satiated. Don’t ever miss your breakfast and be sure it consists mostly of protein food.

2. Never miss your meals
No matter how busy you are and how many tasks you have, eat on time. Hunger makes you crave for sweets more and increases the chance of overeating. Eat 5 times a day and make your menu balanced. Your goal is not to let glucose and insulin rise and fall significantly.

3. Don’t forget about the hidden sugar
Bread, sauces and many other products contain sugar even if they are not sweet. Read carefully what’s written on the package of the food you buy. This will make you reevaluate your choice of products.

4. Experiment with tastes and combinations
Does your food seem tasteless to you without sugary add-ons? Cook a healthy sauce yourself, try different spices and greens, invent something that you would like. There is such a great amount of healthy products, all you need is to get them cooked and combined the way you would love them.

5. Sleep enough
The less you sleep, the hungrier you are. A lack of sleep affects the production of hormones that boost our hunger. In addition, it creates additional stress that will make you want to tame it in the way you are used to - and this may be eating sweets.

6. Resist the temptation
Find what distracts and tempts you. Cookies in the office? Tell your colleagues about the harm sugar brings and offer to replace them with fruits. Chocolate bars in the grocery store? You can buy one today, and also a pack of raw nuts. Eat some before you enter the store tomorrow and you won’t be so tempted anymore.

Cutting down on sugar is a part of what we call “healthy living”. Replace your unhealthy habits with healthy ones to fill that gap. You don’t steal anything from yourself - on the contrary, you enrich your body and mind by living consciously.

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