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Do you experience lots of different symptoms from PMS and PCOS and don't have much solution for it? Many women do experience PMS symptoms and for this the best supplement to take for this is called Agnus Castus. It's a capsule in 150mg and you will be relieved from all the symptoms you experience it is natural and effective. For PCOS symptoms it is possible that you have a cyst in your ovary and the cyst there is producing DHEA and causing you to have such symptoms. You should consult your doctor about the cyst you have and have an abdomen/transvaginal ultrasound done to see if you actually have a cyst. If the symptoms you're having is causing you a lot of problem it is something that should definitely be removed and your symptoms will goe away. If you have PCOS symptoms and do know that you have no cyst in your ovary means your hormones are imbalanced. Blood test for hormones usually comes out normal but it is best to have the blood test done just to be sure but if they come out normal it is best to supplement on hormone balancing supplements but make sure you get organic supplements.


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