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I read the article, and it reminded me of another news story that aired on TV about 10 years ago: young teenage girls were wanting to have a baby, so they can love someone and someone would love them. I just remember that story so vividly, so I don't think this is a new phenomenon, and is not triggered by Juno or other movies. It makes sense that these girls do not feel that they have any meaningful relationships in their life, so why not create one? I hope these young girls---soon to be mothers---will talk about their story when they are older and wiser, and tell other young girls that you can't create something that loves you. Babies are very selfish, and toddlers are even more so. They're supposed to be! I can't imagine the heartache when they realize this, plus the sleepless nights and other parenting troubles. I'm curious if these girls have been around babies (do they really know what they wanted?!).

I think it is a case of physical bodies maturing faster than our mental, emotional, relational and social selves...which has been happening for many generations! Are the parents, caregivers or other responsible adults listening to their children? I might be naive on this (I don't have a teenager), but being a teenager once, I remember telling my parents almost everything... they knew who my friends were, where I was after school, etc. Sure, I got into trouble...but they always found out about it. It didn't sound like much prodding had to happen from the adults in these girls' lives for them to confess about the pact. What if they were asked earlier?

June 19, 2008 - 1:04pm


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