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Hi...Friends...here I am writing my real story to help all my office going friends, who are travelling by public transport and carry a laptop with some other items into a bag on their back...the bag we generally call the "Pitthu Bag"...LOL (A bag to hang on your back...hahahaha)
From some past few days I was feeling some sharp pain in left side chest, I ignored it for few days but when I started thinking about it, I depressed and some bad thoughts started hiting my mind like..Is it a cardiac pain, did i get any heart dieses, did I get Angina etc. etc. and finally I planned to visit a doctor on this coming saturday on 30th May 2015.
On Monday Night, I googled my problem and found many websites talking about this problem, but after reading the content on these websites I ease my stress because many websites were telling that sharp pain for few seconds or mild pain with no other symptoms could not be considered always as cardiac disorder. A website stated some symptoms and causes of this kind of pain and I tally them with my symptoms and my routine life and my daily habits. Alias I found that it's a time to change something in life ....I decided to change something.
Here what I altered....
I hang my laptop bag on shoulders and walk and travel in bus with carrying this bag on my back, I changed it and took off the bag from shoulder and started holding it in hands from last 2 days.....For my wonder I did not feel any pain in chest or else where by just changing this habit of carrying laptop bag.
I concluded...The strips of bag was tight and they were making some pressure on chest that is why the vessels and arteries at heart was not being able to pass the blood properly and a pain starts because when we walk fast the heart needs more oxygen and pumps blood fast but while the tight wide strips were covering the left chest and due to pressure of it the heart was not being able to function properly in the situation.
Finally by altering this daily habit of hanging the laptop bag on shoulder, I started holding it in hands and the problem sorted out.
I advice you all my loving friends to take care of this kind of unknown habits which are making trouble in our daily life and to our valuable health!
Cheers with all of you .....happy healthy life!!

May 27, 2015 - 3:41am


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