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Well, RLS is definitely hereditary. My grandfather could be seen walking the streets at 3:00 AM...guess who's followed in his "footsteps?" I'm grateful that I've found Requip. Although it doesn't work for me 100% of the time, I've decided that the improvement is worth the upset stomach it gives me and the eventual ability to fall asleep...finally. RLS had been an occasional problem for me in my 40's, but as I've aged (I'm 62), the frequency has increased. I have it every night...occasionally when driving...sitting. There's no such thing as sitting in the evening and enjoying a book. I can't even go to bed when my husband does. If I wanted to go to bed at the same time he did, I'd have to take the Requip so early in the evening that I'd be nauseas by bedtime. I've had to leave theatres, etc. I practically panic if I don't have my Requip. I have had to increase the dosage occasionally just to get to sleep. I just hope it keeps working...and I wish that the doctors who don't believe it's a real condition could "suffer" with RLS for one entire night. Believe me...they'd find a cure and fast. I don't like it about myself, but I truly envy those who can sit and relax, and take an afternoon nap...like i used to be able to do.

September 27, 2010 - 9:21am


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